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    First and foremost, I know this isnt an issue that anyone will be able to solve. Not directly. I am posting this here hoping that someone from their support SEE this and actually DO something. I've found posts of people with same problem claiming to have waited about 10days for a reply.

    **The matter is that my account was not only hacked, but STOLEN.**
    Since saturday I opened 2 tickets regarding this issue and so far I got no answer from support.

    I quit LOTRO in oct/2010 as far as I remember. I have 2 serials attached to my account: the SoA special editon and MoM collector's edition.

    What happened so far: saturday I downloaded/reinstalled the game and to my surprise, when I tried to log in, I got the invalid password/username warning many times. Then I though "heck, perhaps I forgot my password" (hardly, since I use 2 passwords for all my mmo accounts). I requested my password and waited.
    No e-mail.

    Then I request my username using myturbine. Now here comes the funny part. I have 2 games attached to my e-mail: DDO and LOTRO. When I asked for my usernames attached to this e-mail, I only got the one from DDO, my username from LOTRO was absent. I have an e-mail from the same service dated from sep/2010 where you can actually see BOTH usernames listed.

    Took me sometime to figure what happened at first... It's the kinda of thing you dont expect that happens to you EVER (maybe I am naive but I've been playing mmos for over a decade now and that never happened).
    Then I finally figured that:
    1 - The account was hacked.
    2 - The hacker changed the account's e-mail (so I cant request a password).
    3 - The hacker changed my password.
    4 - The account was stolen.

    So far Turbine did not answered my tickets. I spent all these 2 days checkin my mailboxeach 30min, sometimes less. I am quite upset actually since I used to be a subscriber, my account was created back in 2008 and even purchased both games way before they become f2p... I dont care if the ******* stole my ingame money and items, I can work on all that again, I just want my character/account back... For many reasons, including all my special items attached to those 2 serials and everything I've unlocked with that toon.

    So please, HELP ME, answer this ticket, tell me what to do, tell me you guys are working on something there, I am sure you can see that both account were attached to this e-amail. I can provide any proof necessary that both usernames ARE mine and WERE attached to this e-mail.

    And by the way, I just created this account so I can post this problem here.

    Ticket number is #24001-359359

    Thank you.

    - A player

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