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    Legion is recruiting!

    We are a very active and mature kinship trying to expand our member base. Currently our focus is on building and improving our raiding team in preparation for the new content as well as supporting and growing our 'lowbie' team. We are formed on a basis of teamwork, with co-leaders and officers working together. We offer support, advice, crafting, and help in any way we can.

    For our raiding team we are currently seeking lore-masters and captains. We are accepting any class at lower levels. If you are interested, please visit our website or contact any of our officers in-game.


    Defiant - Tinnsa, Xallyn, Cayllia
    We Cannot Get Out - Ayllah, Tinnsalicious

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    Oct 2010

    New website

    Hi guys and girls we had to change our web site so use this one please


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    Yes, new website http://legionofackenstone.guildlaunch.com/

    Recruitment is currently open to all classes and levels. We are a mixed-interest kin with lots of great people always up for fun and laughs. We regularly run raids as well as lower-end instances/quests. Please keep in mind we are a mature kin, so 18+ please
    Defiant - Tinnsa, Xallyn, Cayllia
    We Cannot Get Out - Ayllah, Tinnsalicious

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    Hey folks!

    As we prepare for the release of the new raid, our endgame focus has been heavily on getting everyone geared and ready. I think we're all adequately familiar with the Hytbold dailies and looking forward to something new! On that note, our focus is shifting slightly toward that of training raiding skills, working on virtues, and running older content just because it's fun! We *typically* raid US Eastern evening and weekend times, but we do have several European members that run with more Euro-friendly times as well.

    Our current recruitment focus includes captains, LMs and hunters for raiding purposes, as well as all classes and levels for general membership. A small reminder that we are an adult kin and our kin chat and Ventrilo reflect that fact.

    All that is required is a sense of humor, a willingness to die and laugh about it - then learn from it, and a mature attitude. If you're interested in joining, contact myself, Chantla, or any of our officers in-game, or apply via our website: http://legionofackenstone.guildlaunch.com/

    Thanks and happy hunting!
    Defiant - Tinnsa, Xallyn, Cayllia
    We Cannot Get Out - Ayllah, Tinnsalicious



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