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    Problem Getting Past Tutorial Zones.

    I created two different characters, an elf and a human, and logged in to the starter quests. The only movement available is in a certain room, the toon can't talk or can't jump. I can't talk to anyone or interact with anything. In the human quest, Strider just kills the two guards and that's it. All I can do is run around the room trying to figure out what the problem is.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

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    if you cannot talk to strider or get the items from the pack then it might be a bug.
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    (Man starter quest) Are you following striders instructions? Are you reading the tutorial popups? See anything shiny (a backpack maybe?) that you can click on? Have you tried approaching or going through the door to outside to advance the quest?
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    The tutorial instance is teaching you extremely basic things about the game. It's important to read the instructions that the NPC gives, and the pop-up tutorial windows are very very helpful. The very first thing you do is to interact with a landscape container (like a chest or backpack), get some items from it, and equip them. The very NEXT thing you do is learn to interact with an NPC, and then how to initiate combat. The story is different for the different races, but the learnings are the same.

    Have you interacted with a landscape container of some kind, gotten items from it, and equipped them? If not, then you have to do these things in order to advance.

    You MIGHT also be experiencing a bug. If you can't find an object that is sending up glowy sparks, or if right-clicking on it does not do anything, then you might try deleting your character and re-creating it.
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