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    Skirmish Info/Loot 85

    Hello there!

    I just thought I would share with you something I've been working on lately. I was trying to gather all the screenshots of the 85 loot from skirmish raids in a post for fast reference before running a skirmish raid. I just finished yesterday collecting all skirmishes drops and I am only missing pieces from Rescue in the Rift and Helegrod. If you stumble upon anything of the below send me a tell ingame and I will add it on the list!Here's the link for the list.

    Currently missing from Helegrod:

    Spider Wing

    Leg-guards of hope rekindled
    Shield of Deliberate Assault
    Spaulders of the Desperate Charge

    Dragon Wing

    Snowblind Leggings
    Spaulders of Immovable Dwarf
    Starwatcher's Hat
    Shoulderpads of the Resillient
    Orcslayer's Gauntlets
    Hood of Probable Cause
    Harasser's Grand Cloak

    Currently missing from Rescue in the Rift:

    Shield of the long darkness
    Pauldrons of the clever lord
    Boots of the mountain lord


    edit: 10/01/2013 *updated missing items*
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    No Bright Blade? I love that sword. Except it's common :/

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    I have recently updated the list,mainly adding stuff in the helegrod section plus organizing loot by wings.Bright Blade drops from Spider wing and you can check the link again for more info



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