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    Question: How is the PvP/PvE on this server? No Bias and no hate please ..

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    there are scores of people that will tell you how terrible it is, and a few who will tell you its great.
    realistically its not much different from most others, some slow days, some really good days, some days where its a ghost town.

    2 things we do have though are....
    A:more trash talk coming out of sub-par players than you could imagine, and
    B: a serious lack of people dedicated to one side of the fight or the other, the VAST majority of people swap sides constantly, and most of them are switching to the side that already has numbers....which obviously makes for times where you can go from 10v10 roaming fights and alot of fun to 15v5 facerolling and rez-camping.

    to summarize, we have good days and bad, but with either you can expect to see very fast and relatively large swings in numbers, so theres very sparadic action due to that.

    edited to note that since you posted this in the pvp area of the forum i am ignoring the pve side of your question

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    It's just like every server in this game, horrible. My advice, for PvP, find another game.
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    If your sticking with lotro pvp, try a bigger server lol, unless you want to like escape some drama or something. Saying that as we HAVE had quite a few people who left to bigger servers and loved it so much more, like E or Brandy

    However even theyve left for other games despite saying how much better pvp was over there, and instead went to saying how much awesomer pvp was everywhere else. So I guess its not worth much if your sticking to lotro


    PvP: Starcraft2, LoL, games without pve raids generally have better pvp Imo

    Pve + Pvp: Most MMORPG's

    Pve: Lotro
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    I myself reside on this server.

    You're already putting in your transfer order aren't you?
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    The nimrodel is a wave that some can ride and others cant... so if your up for a gamble your experience on the great wave nimrodel can be gnarly or an epic wipeout that will end in pain and saltwater up your nose making you throw up and want to leave very soon...



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