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    Looking for a dwarf kinship

    Any dwarf kinships on this server?

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    Quote Originally Posted by brimbear View Post
    Any dwarf kinships on this server?
    Indeed there is! My toon (the one on my signature) is an officer in a medium-heavy RP dwarf-only kinship called Durin's Folk!

    I don't know if you're looking for an RP one but if you are, we're your dwarves! Send a tell or in-game mail to Nuri (the leader) or to one of the officers: Hergof, Rulf, Basalt, Steinnrand or Rurir to get more information and how to join.

    You can check out our kin website here as well: http://durinsfolk.onlinewebshop.net/index.html

    Hope we're what your looking for!


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    sounds great

    I will roll my new dwarf here. I was wondring if the kinship does any pvmp or other organized events? I am a average rp but I do enjoy it. Cheers!

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    I have a creep that I do play regularly but the Kinship in whole doesn't have a Creepside kinship if that's what you mean... But it is a great idea and we could come up with something like that!

    Our kin has many kin events and also some server events.
    There's a regular Dwarven Makert in Bree town square where we gather with all our crafting tools and mats and sell our wares to passer byes interested in purchasing goods for cheap.

    Currently our kin is holding a massive RP event based on a military campaign. It has been going on for many weeks. Our leader has posted detailed wright ups of the events and you can read them here


    Also we attend other events hosted by other kins as a group representing Durin's Folk.

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    This sounds good to me.

    What I meant by the pvmp is having the kinship not as creeps but fighting creeps. Having an event where the Kinship groups up and does pvmp together against creeps. I am not sure if that can or not.

    The other events you are speaking of sound great. I sent an in game mail to the kinship leadet nuri and my dwarf hunter name is kalserk. I hope to see you in game soon.



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