Well its been 2 years since I started playing as a hunter in moors. Initially I hate it but then I used to enjoy alot. Before RoR expansion, I used to solo high rank creeps than me. I know many wargs hated me intially when they were being killed by me and some loved me.
I think that I am the only hunter on Firefoot who relies on trying Hunter skills rather than just doing spam penetrating shots & increasing focus skills to again spam penetrating shots while soloing or in a group (no offence to other hunters).

But after an update, I tried every skill I have and still unable to solo low level wargs (r5 or more). Then I thought that either hunters being nerfed alot or I am not skillfull enough or not good in spamming penetrating shots. I am thinking about leaving moors on my hunter now as I am not having fun while soloing as I goes down fast plus my dps wont match creeps dps. I hate to do that but I have other option like Cappie or champ to try in moors and hope that I survive alot.

Thanks guys who supported me.