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    Laid back, casual, fun? Is this you? If so, read on!

    We are a pretty new kin, a whole Rank 5 (for another week) So if you are looking for an active, 3 pages of people on at a time kind of kin then you should probably stop reading.

    Still here? Kewl.

    Ok, none of us are capped yet and none of us are in a rush to do so. (I took a break back when 65 was cap, I returned to the game about 3 months ago but was leveling with someone getting them to my mains level, hence the reason I am not capped) Right now we are focusing on leveling and helping any up and coming players so we can enjoy Rohan together. We obviously prefer to run with kinnies! As far as the how big we are...its not the size that matters, it's how you utilize what you have (hehe). Do you want in on the ground floor of a growing kin, where the people are genuine, helpful and friendly? We will grow, that's certain, the question is, do you have the patience and desire to help us do so? To build something together? New players, low levels, returning players (who are looking at everything going HUH?!) are probably the best fit rather then long time seasoned players looking for a raiding kin. Not that long time players aren't welcome, but as I said, we are not in Rohan yet and are not pushing it. (Seasoned players are, of course, more then welcome, I would love some people with knowledge of end game, but since we are not there yet...I don't want to see anyone bored)

    Now don't get me wrong...

    We will eventually be raiding etc, but again, we are in no rush. As long as we do it together, thats what matters. We will still be running instances, skirmishes and will hold event nights. Once we reach end game, the lowbies won't be forgotten. We will raid some nights, and others will be devoted to helping others level and do some old school runs ^^

    Our main goal is to have fun. Those who argue the philosophy that this is just a game should probably move on.

    are they gone yet?

    Ok, we know this IS just a game (an AWESOME one but nonetheless, a game) We know real life comes first so if in the middle of an instance, family calls, we wait. If you have to go bio in the middle of an instance, I hope you have a bucket with you. We understand having to tend to your kids but bathroom breaks are inexcusable. We have our limits!!

    There are no requirements other then knowing that if you are part of a kin, BE a part of it!!
    We are in fact part of the "older" gaming crowd (30+ Club) but note I said OLDER not dead! As long as you are 18+ and have a good sense of humor (I guess thats open to interpretation heh) you are welcome to join

    We appreciate off color humor, but as someone once so eloquently put it, we enjoy an intellectual bawdiness ^^

    So consider joining, growing with us and having fun

    If you have any questions or you are interested in hearing more (yeah right like that wall of text wasn't enough) please PM me
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