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    Well, that was fun to read.
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    Bryter, good post, and as has been said, this gets revisited every so often, but is a solid idea nonetheless. As far as Sniz's point, I think Turbine would be wise to listen to the veteran Defilers rather than anyone else, just as they should consult the veterans of other classes before making any revisions; alas, they do not.

    To all who are complaining about "Flies are OP" or "Totems would be OP," have you ever noticed that you can kill the flies before they have a significant effect? Totems would be the same way, I presume. However, most of the freeps I end up fighting are so consumed with either Renown gain or KBs they completely ignore the flies until their healers are out of power. No, I'm not making a L2PNoob post, but I am suggesting that we all put a little thought into adjusting our strategies and tactics to address game changes before screaming for nerfs/changes to a class many of us know nothing about.

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