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    UI Elements sliding upward

    I run lotro in windowed mode, and I've been having this problem ever since Rohan launched. I have a couple UI elements on the bottom half of my screen - the chatbox and two rows of freely placed quickslot bars. No matter how many times I save this UI layout, it seems like every time I close and reload the client, these UI pieces move upwards by one or two rows of pixels and end up overlapping each other.

    Is anyone else having this issue, or does anyone know what I can do to help troubleshoot the issue? It is getting frustrating having to reposition those quickslot bars every time I load up my client. Thanks in advance for any help!
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    If you set them too close to the window border they will get resetted by the UI next time you log on. I believe this is because Turbine wanted to make sure the players wont accidently move ui objects off the screen not knowing how to get them back again.

    Either way, there's no workaround.
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