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Thread: server question

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    server question

    Hi everyone.

    Been away from this game...for I think 2 years now?
    Thinking of coming back, but how is the server population on Firefoot, is it pretty lively, or is it dead?


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    Firefoot is tremendous. There are no egos, no trolls, and we only treat people with respect. Whether differing play styles, cultural differences, sexual preference or biology, we accept all and with our massive active population there are no shortages of epically skilled pug runs at any given time.

    There must be 20-30 super active kinships spanning all content and levels. I have never felt more at home than I do on the server! Nay, Community, Nay! Family! that I have had the opportunity to develop and grow in on firefoot.

    Also, Turbine is a great company, cares about raiders, and does not abuse the scaling system to avoid doing any new content.

    Also, I lay golden eggs, have discovered cold fusion and also solved the Mideast problems, all before lunch.

    Hope this helped, if you want to buy a bridge let me know.
    Connomir: Warden of Firefoots Best, Resurrection.
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    Firefoot is very active in the high end of the game, there are also plenty of people in the mid to low ranges. Moria is more quiet than it has been from say 2 years ago, but still a number of people there. If you play on N. American times then most everywhere is fairly lively! If you haven't played in a couple years you'll notice a few changes - but you will definitely find it easier to play and level, in general.
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    If you like pvp don't plan on finding good pvp on FF. One of the worst pvp servers out there. However if you like to hug npcs, run in circles anytime you are attacked by a single creep surrounded by multiple freeps and live by freep pvp rule #1. "Never Attack a creep that is attacking you" Then you will love firefoot! If your looking for players who love pvp and want to stick out a fight until the end (when the numbers are even) then FF is not the place for you. If pvp means nothing to you, then disregard the previous statement =)


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    Seriously, idk how we all survived when connomir took a break from trolling....

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    FireFoot is one of the best servers in LOTRO, not just because the charming people who plays it, in general is a very active server.!!

    Hope to see you there



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