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    Looking for Kinship Branywine Server

    My name is Aegoloz i live in North America. I quit lotro for about a year ago im starting up again. Looking for a Kinship that has most of its players living in North America. I'm going be level 1 beginner and i already forgot a lot about the game would recommend a kinship that would give me tips and tricks.

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    Please consider the Guardians of Fangorn Kinship on Brandywine

    You can find our web site at http://gofangorn.org/. Like any other Kinship, you can find any of our members that are on-line by opening the Social window, selecting the 'Fellowing' tab, then typing 'Guardians of Fangorn' (or any other Kin's name or significant portion) in the 'Filter' slot (right side, about 1/5 the way down the page, no ' marks around the name), then going to the bottom left of the window and using the pull-down menu to select 'Kinship'.

    We have a good range of classes and levels (I have a number of low-level alts in GoF) and I can assure you you'll find welcoming and supportive folks. Our Kin Motto is "We do that!" - from recruiting to group runs at various levels to craft fairs and other Kin activities. A Rank 10 (long-lived Kinship), we have a large North American player base, but we also have Kiwi members ('Kia ora' means 'Hello! How are you?' in Maori) and other international members as well. The Mays (Lenamay, Jerrimay, Lenalilymay, etc) are on daily, as are a number of other members and alts (37 total characters on in the last 24 hours, for example), so check us out!
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    Hello if you are still looking for a Kin come visit our informational site here. http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.p...recruiting-now
    This will contain everything about us and what you will see. We are very very very talkative and we help all our members out for anything. Well I'll save all the good stuff for you to read in the link. We are also having a festival coming up shortly and instructions how to join are in link by joining a channel.
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