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    Beacon Of Eaworth Race for prizes

    Total prize pool 100 gold + a super secret prize!

    I'm looking to see if there is any interest in a "race to the top" at the beacon of eaworth. It will be free entry so don't worry about any "buy in" I'll be putting up all the money and prizes. I've decided the best way to do it is to have only one huge race where the first 3 to reach the top will get prices and all participates will be put in a drawing for an additional prize so everyone will have a chance to win regardless if you are a skillful jumper. No reason not to join!

    When: Saturday 24th @ 10:00 PM EST
    Prizes: 1st place : 50 gold
    2nd place : 30 gold
    3rd place : 20 gold
    *mystery prize to one lucky person*
    Where: Beacon of eaworth. Town of Eaworth in Entwash vale

    Level Limit: There is no level limit, if you can get there at the time and date it will start it doesn't matter if you are level 10 or 85.

    1.NO speed buffs of any kind. Will have officials to see if your cheating!
    2.Must start at a predetermined line, still looking at how it will start. Thinking the most simplest way. I.E when a certain skill will end like last stand running out, fireworks, etc (will take suggestions.)
    3. No summons to the top. You have to run, jump and skip your way to victory.
    4. Cannot ride a horse
    5. Starting line will be signified by a captain banner, you cannot cross until it starts. Still trying to figure out the best, most fair place to start for everyone.
    6. No falling immunity, goes for you as well burgs! If you fall then take the damage
    7. Still trying to find out the best ending spot, obviously at the top but in what exact spot is TBD.

    1. sign in through this forum post with your wanting to join and what toon you will be on. Your toons name you post in the forum HAS to be the one you compete on.
    2. If you do not have a forum account Send me a private message on my youtube www.youtube.com/holydiverj with the necessary information.
    3. If you have neither a youtube account or forum account I GUESS you can send me a mail on holydiverj but this is only as last resort. I'd rather you subscribe to my youtube channel and PM me =)

    Any questions feel free to ask, if I don't get 20+ then I'll cancel it. Get the word out, this could be fun!
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    http://www.youtube.com/holydiverj - I make Lotro videos, support meh!

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    Free gold? I'm in. Bruuwnor, since he's the only one high enough level to get there.
    Bruuwnor, Dwarf Champion of Arkenstone, Pipeweed and Ale

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    I guess people don't want a shot at free gold, i'll post this in vilya pvp see if i get more people
    http://www.youtube.com/holydiverj - I make Lotro videos, support meh!

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    Im in..

    Heck ya. Hugs.



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