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    Best Vocation for Guardians?

    Hello all!

    I'm still a noob here, so bear with me. The vocation I chose originally was Armsman, and I've reached expert level Weaponsmithing and Prospector. (Never did bother with woodworking... I never got tools for it.) My question is this - now that I've been doing a little more reading, it seems that the best vocation for guards is Armorer (and metalsmith). Would it be worth it to change? I'd keep my prospecting progress, but lose all that weaponsmithing stuff...

    Is the armor I'd be able to craft worth that? Oh, and also looking waaay into the future, is it possible to get a legendary belt other than by making it?

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    I really dislike people posting the best crafts for specific classes. With a few exceptions, all crafts are useful to all classes. If you plan on becoming a raider, armourer is not a better choice than weaponsmith (armour that comes from raids is vastly superior to crafted armour, whereas at the very least you can craft yourself your LI weapons at endgame with weaponsmith). Stick with what you've got for now since you've already leveled it through a few tiers.

    The best LIs come from crafting, as (other than a few exceptions around Lothlorien and Moria) the only way to get anything higher than a third age is via crafting. However, you can usually just ask around in your server's GLFF for people to craft you things if you get the mats for them. That applies especially to LIs (most will craft them for you for free as long as you provide all the materials) but it'll also apply to pretty much any other gear as well.

    If you're going to switch to anything, I'd say switch to Tinker. Jewelry is one of the only things that people will still charge you to make even if you have the mats, you won't lose your Prospecting progress if you switch to Tinker, you'll be able to craft Hope Tokens (which are one of the commonly used consumables at endgame), plus it also comes with Cook. Historian and Tinker are the only two crafts I would say are important. The rest are nice to have but can usually be worked around.

    Edit: I would like to clarify on my first statement. I do believe that some crafts are better to have than others (as stated in my last paragraph). However, for the most part crafts are not better based on what class you are. In my opinion, Historian and Tinker will be more important than the rest of the crafts, whether you're a guardian or a loremaster or any other class. Likewise, as a guardian you can take advantage of pretty much every craft. (Cook will make you food, metalsmith will make armour and belts, weaponsmith will make your swords or axes and potentially consumables, scholar will make you nice pocket items and a lot of consumables, tinker will make your jewelry and hope tokens, and woodworker can also make you weapons, although these weapons usually aren't the best for guards.)
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    What TinDragon said.

    The only time I would consider choosing a profession for a specific class would be for a mobile class like a hunter or warden. They make good resource gatherers because of their runspeed buffs, so the Explorer profession can suit them quite well.

    For a Guardian though it really doesn't matter. One profession cannot make everything that a guardian needs, so you're going to have to rely on others to make some of your crafted gear for you anyway. I'd say stick with what you've got since you've already levelled up, and pick a different profession on an alt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bunghelm View Post
    The only time I would consider choosing a profession for a specific class would be for a mobile class like a hunter or warden. They make good resource gatherers because of their runspeed buffs, so the Explorer profession can suit them quite well.
    That used to be true (my warden is an explorer actually) but they just made a change in the last update that eliminated even that bonus. You're now able to gather resources without dismounting at all, which means that your actual runspeed will very rarely play into how fast you can move from one node to another. (Used to be you'd have to judge if it was faster to run as opposed to mounting, running, dismounting)
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    Although what has been said is true, given that you've barely scratched the surface of Weaponsmithing, if you do feel like making a switch, now would be the time.

    My first char (burg) is weaponsmith, and passed off the gems to my second (jeweler). Great combo.

    My third (guard) is an armoursmith.

    You make a weapon once every ten levels, not much else. You can get weapons from the AH, from drops, and when you get a symbol, not a big deal for someone else to make a Second Age or First Age for you--particularly if you are a prospector providing mats.

    You can make armour up until Moria stage, then drops and instance armour tends to be better. Crafted shields tend to be useful throughout, if not to you, to your mini friends.

    Same with jewelry though, crafted is always under instance drop par, so you CAN make some when level cap is raised, but then replace it when you get instance drops.

    Consumables however, you'll always need. Food, scrolls, pots...

    So in your case, switching to armoursmith will have benefit.

    In others who read this thread, past Moria it's handy to be able to farm/cook, or scholar, and food always sells on AH for a pretty penny.

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    Tinkerer for jeweller / prospector / cook (jewelry / consumables)
    Scholar for scrolls and pots and pocket item
    Yeoman for farming/cook
    Armorer (leveling and crafted tools)
    Woodworker (can make LIs for all classes and bows)
    Explorer (gather mats)
    Weaponsmith (LIs and shield spikes)

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    All of the above, and the following

    Don't forget that you can create a number of alt characters that each can have their own focus, so depending on your long term plans you can spread the work around. My Guard is an armorer, which to be honest at end game means the odd shield and crafting tools as I level and relics which can be turned into shards. By creating other characters and using some TP to purchase shared storage I have been able to level these characters up in different professions by using resources that I collect with my main. The end result is another Guard (lvl 8) that is a full Weaponsmith, who I used to create my 2nd age weapons and a Mini (lvl 12) who is heading to be a full Tailor.

    One key end game feature is that crafters above can make a range of different relics which can be used on LI items, or converted into shards (once they have done a lvl 51 quest) that can in turn be used to create relics or be exchanged for LI items or LI scrolls.

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    If you plan on collecting your own materials, instead of buying them, then you probably aren't going to be wearing anything you're able to craft, as your crafting will be behind your leveling.

    That said, Tinker is, in my opinion, the best craft for any class. Better for making money, makes the same number of items for a Guard as a Metalsmith, and has the added bonus of making tokens and food. Armour sets are in abundance while leveling, but jewelry seems a bit lacking.

    My personal ranking, regardless of class, with what I see as the main benefits in parentheses (*cash=good money selling ore):

    1. Tinker (Tokens, cash, jewelry)
    2. Historian (Potions, scrolls, pocket items, many class consumables)
    3. Explorer (cash, all-around support, light/med armour, cloaks)
    4. Armourer (cash, heavy armour, shields)
    5. Armsman (cash, weapons)
    6. Yeoman (cool name)
    7. Woodsman (makes me think of Oz)
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    Thanks guys!

    I think I may actually switch to armourer. I have 2 alts, neither one with a profession yet, so I plan on making 1 a tinker and the other an armsman.

    My main reason is that at any given level, the weapons I can use from a skirmish camp are better than the ones I can craft (and they can deal uncommon damage). And I can afford to spend marks on a new skirmish weapon every 3 levels - can't say the same for armor. I think, for me, it comes down to pure numbers - it's easier to find someone to make 1 weapon than to find someone to make 6 pieces of armor. And as far as helping out friends, there's a lot more demand for armor and shields than weapons (again, same thing - each person needs only 1 or 2 weapons but they need 6 or 7 pieces of armor).

    And the tinker is a good idea... I don't spend hardly any time on my alts (guardian is just way more fun than burglar or loremaster), but I'll have to look into that. I didn't know you could max out their crafting at a low level like that. Good stuff.
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    I'm a bit late to the game but I'll add my .02 anyway.

    I believe your first 2 characters should be an explorer and a historian so that you can always gather the materials you need. As long as you have characters to collect crafts you can create crafting alts for everything. There will be the occasional reputation items you can't craft, but it's generally not a huge deal.

    If you're willing to go without wood then you can choose weaponsmith/armourer/tinker instead, and like others here I'd recommend tinker because jewelry is useful and you can make hope tokens which are always needed, but also because it comes with cook, which is very useful. You still want your next character to be a historian though, that's pretty non-negotiable.

    Something which has been generally hinted at but not explicitly stated is that at the end game, and even before, the important crafting is all the consumables. I've had 1 weapon crafted for my guard main in the past 6 months. I crafted a heavy shield for him the other day. In that same time he has gone through stacks and stacks of food and other consumables. One of the main reasons you can almost always get someone to craft you armor or weapons is because they feel so useless most of the time that they're thrilled to be useful. Cooks and Scholars make the most important consumables, so they are the most vital at end-game (but you can use a lowbie cook and never leave the shire). Tinkers are right behind them because of hope tokens. Most of the other crafts do have a few consumables here and there, but they generally aren't considered vital for raids. As a guard you may appreciate being able to craft shield spikes (consumable made by weaponsmiths) more than the ability to craft shields. I believe Metalsmith is the only craft without any consumables at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arathaert View Post
    Thanks guys!

    I think I may actually switch to armourer. I have 2 alts, neither one with a profession yet, so I plan on making 1 a tinker and the other an armsman.
    Consider a Historian rather than an Armsman. Historian has Weaponsmith (same as Armsman) and can make weapons from ingots supplied by your Armourer. Historian has Farmer, which can supply your Tinker with raw materials for Cooking. Finally, Historian has Scholar, which can use all the Scholar materials you pick up as loot to make you useful scrolls for both combat and crafting bonuses as well as potions. (Scholar can also develop crafting skill making dyes from materials produced by Farming or Prospecting.)

    The only thing you'd lack if choosing Armourer, Tinker, and Historian is Forestry (making leather from hides) and Woodworker (bows and wooden weapons). If your main character(s) only wear heavy armor, then the leather production is not a problem.
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    There is no best vocation to be honest, but I made my guard an armourer so he could make his own armour as he lvled. He was my 1st char so it was kinda fun gathering mats and lvling towards the next armour set

    My only real advice would be to stay away from scholar if you are new to the game as I had one that i switched to tinker as I found gathering low level mats a spitefull and tedious grind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Valiant_Turtle View Post
    I believe Metalsmith is the only craft without any consumables at all.
    Not quite. Metalsmiths can make one consumable item that I can think of, repair anvils. The metalsmith recipie for it is reputation gated with the reputation faction at Thorin's Hall. Weaponsmiths get the same recipie from the Bree reputation faction.


    A repair anvil is an item that lets you (and anyone you're grouped with) repair your gear pretty much anywhere, just like going to a vendor NPC and repairing your gear, with a couple of limitations. Anvils cannot be traded to other players, they are bound to the character that makes them. They only last for a limited amount of time, 5 minutes. Repairing with a non-critted version of the anvil is more expensive than repairing at a vendor, the critted version of the anvil has the same repair cost as a vendor.

    It's been a long time since I last made or used an anvil. The times when I did use them were doing long instances where the group might wipe a couple of times during the instance and need to repair before completing the instance. Instead of having players run off to a vedor to repair, and keep the rest of the group waiting, I'd use an anvil and the group could be fully repaired in a couple of minutes.

    Activating the anvil doesn't automatically repair everyone's gear, it puts a visible anvil on the ground that players need to click on to repair their gear.

    With the overhaul of various old instances to make them into shorter stages there's less need to stop and repair gear before continuing on with the instance.

    Guardians also get a "Summon a Tinker" skill that can only be used at certain campfires (the same campfires that hunters can set as a port location) which can also be used for repairing gear just like an anvil. The tinker repair cost is the same as a non-critted anvil and the tinker is only available for a few minutes.

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