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    Anyone interested in Role-playing on windfola?

    As windfola being a larger populated server, there has to be some people wanting to role-play. I thought that we could start something anyone interested?

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    It is wonderful to see folks stirring up RP on other servers, or at least attempting to. Elendilmir started off with a lot more RP than it has nowadays, but even when the Great River was released I saw some folks RPing.

    If you have not, try asking on the Windfola general forums as well (not this same message, though, that would be considered spam). Perhaps clarify exactly what exactly you are looking for, or if you're open to many possibilities, and see if you get any replies.

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    Hey i give anything a shot once. It's always in the details though. Ground floor project sounds promising, though i never really rp'ed.

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    I love to Roleplay on Windfola

    Well met Kaltheric,

    I can be found in GRP channel on Windfola please contact me there and lets set the seed of Roleplaying on Windfola.

    Thorir Grangus
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    I would be interested but i do not yet have a character on that server. If those of you that want to do this are willing to help me/start a character with me i would be more than happy to join this venture.



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