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    Noob question, how exactly does Small Reputation Acceleration Tome work?

    I bought 14 of these...do they stack? Can someone explain easily how they work? I mean, can i stack all at one time for ultra much rep?
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    It adds 1000 reputation to any reputation you gain, up to a certain amount. Not sure what the cap is though. You can stack them to raise the cap but you'll still only get 1000 extra reputation per gain.

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    They don't stack. Using more than one of them just increases the pool of reputation available for use to accelerate gain. Thus, if you use 2 5000 point tomes, the next 10000 rep points you earn will be doubled. Earn 500 points and you will receive 1000, decreasing the pool by 500. This will continue until the pool is empty.

    There is a limit to the number of tomes you can add to the pool as it doesn't seem to be possible to increase the pool above 85,000.



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