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After multiple searches and scanning I don't find the other thread on this issue that you refer to.

With the help of the Mac Client Lotro wiki I finally found the plist. It opens as a text file with Text Edit, but there's a lot of stuff in there - some of which isn't text - which makes me nervous about changing anything in it.
Correct. It is NOT a text file it is actually a "compiled" file (i.e. a kind of binary), and you can NOT open it with TextEdit.
You MUST open it with either Xcode or TextWrangler.

Xcode is Apple's developer tool, free from the Appstore. TextWrangler is a free text editor from the BBedit folks BareBones Software.
The two operate slightly differently.
... in the LotroLauncher.plist and found two entries

1. AllowMultipleInstances
2. allowmultipleinstances

Is this what you're referring to? Do both of these need to match? If so, any idea which is correct?

Also, in some of the info earlier in this thread it says to change "false" to "true", however, I don't see any true/false directive in the plist file. I suppose that's because the implementation of multiple clients has changed?
In Xcode, the two entries are "Boolean" and will (should) both show as "Yes" when enabled.
With TextWrangler, the file will display in "XML" format...