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    Tailor Cosmetic Recipes

    I noticed that the lotro-wiki has listed different cosmetics that a tailor can craft starting at I believe expert.

    I've searched AH, and asked on the advice channel and was tolled that the recipes are no longer available outside of festivals.

    I just had a few more questions in that case.

    Are the recipes new cosmetics that weren't available previously or does every festival barter the same cosmetic recipes?
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    As I recall, there were cosmetic outfit and quiver recipes that were once available during the Spring Festival (or perhaps the Anniversary Festival or maybe both. Hide-tanning chemical exposure has addled my memory). I did not find any such recipes during the events earlier this year, nor did I see any for sale in the Auction Hall (I tend to keep an eye on the AH during Festivals). It may be that the Turbine Store has claimed exclusive rights to manufacture and market these items. Tailors that already have the recipes can continue to make the items, and the recipes may still exist in someone's storage somewhere on your server.
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    Are the Forochel cosmetics no longer available? Granted they're rep-gated.

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    Effectively, the only cosmetic set (actually 2, light and medium) that i know outside festival is the Forochel one. It requires kindred status and it is pretty cheap and easy to do.

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    I got cosmetic recipes from the 2010 spring festival. They came from letters from a "secret admirer"(Valentines?). I got a few dress recipes & a corsairs(pirate) outfit recipe.



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