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    This exact problem happend to me about a year ago. I submitted a ticket and a gm spawned her for me.

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    We did a 3-man (Epic) run yesterday and everything went fine until the final battle with Ergoth. She spawned under the platform and was totally unreachable. We just left, having completed what we there for anyway.
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    Neither of the recognised mirror layouts worked for me today.
    The web stayed and resetting the quest did nothing, nor did exiting or suicide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ursurien View Post
    Neither of the recognised mirror layouts worked for me today.
    The web stayed and resetting the quest did nothing, nor did exiting or suicide.
    Are you sure there weren't any male Morroval near the mirrors? They keep the mirrors from reflecting light, and there's a wandering female Morroval that summons male ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobertChristian View Post
    There are 3 situations where you'll run into Ergoth:

    The one I'm working on is the Book quest (Vol. 2, Book 8, Chapter 3) (Solo) where you MUST kill Ergoth.
    I've destroyed the relic then aligned the mirrors in both popular manners but the webbing won't open. I've lost track as to how many times I've left and returned hoping I could get to her since the Book quest insists you kill her.
    Okay, so I finally figured it out and/or my bug ticket fixed it. Either way, here's what I did:
    1. AVOIDED the wandering Mistress at all costs.
    2. WAITED to destroy relic until after webbing opened.
    3. Aligned mirrors & killed any male critters while still AVOIDING wandering mistress - she disappeared once mirrors were correct and un-gooeyfied.
    4. Destroyed relic once webbing had opened.
    5. Jumped down and killed Ergoth.

    BTW, here's the mirror alignment scheme I used:

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    I guess the problem is not a constant one because I just did this quest yesterday. I've had problems in the past with NPCs not being where they are supposed to be and bugged the quests. I notice that some of the quests that I've had problems with in the past have been changed by the devs, but it's a slow process and doesn't help someone who is stuck today.

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    This is a known issue (bug). The middle south mirror refuses to reflect light from either direction. Once you have the mirrors all set and mobs dead, file a ticket, sit and wait for a GM to port you directly to the final boss. Been like this for years now, guess it's easier than fixing the content.
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