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    Steed of Night War-Steed appearance

    I bought the Steed of Night when it came out the first time and I still ride it because I think it fits my char's style and it looks good. Now I see that it is sold again but with the matching war-steed appearance. Any way I can get the war steed appearance without spending 2000 points again? (And I probably can't even spend the points again because I already own the steed).

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    Since you already bought it, you get the barding that matches for the war-steed. You probably cannot even buy the steed again in the store for that particular character since you already have it.

    Be aware that the color of the horse coat and tail are going to be the default grey. There is a little "confusion" with the marketing department regarding matching the coat colors with a 2000 TP horse. Right now you have to buy the dark charcoal coat with TP in order to get the complete effect of the Steed of Night.

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    A bit of caveat emptor: from what I've read in the horse dye cost threads, be aware that the colors you can get for your Steed of Night, should you choose to pay the high prices to get them, will not accurately match your current steed.
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    Here is a post containing a comparison between the Steed of Night and its War-steed equivalent, with default colours.
    And as stated elsewhere and in this thread, matching the hide of the War-steed exactly to the Steed of Night is... not apparently possible.



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