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    Simple questions, simple answers?

    I havent been playing for as long as most but long enough... Ive only played around with the UI briefly to set up preferences one time, and load that UI setting when ever I roll another toon. im curious if my instinct is correct on managing UI's.

    I want to change the skills around on the UI so slots 1-9 appear differently for different UI layouts.

    so can I have UI layout Thorgrum load it (it defaults anyway) then adjust the skills around save it as a new ui layout (thorgrum2) then simply load reload which ever one I want anytime? I know this sounds simple but the skill movement I want to make is exclusive to 2 toons, but would end up being 4-5 different layouts from the same UI.

    any help would be appreciate.


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    I am not sure I understand what you are trying to do.

    Each character has a profile that is stored on the server which contains all the information from the last loaded UI save. You can move elements around on your screen. Save positions in a UI save. Some parts of your profile can not be stored in a UI save. For example, the skill to slot assignments are always on the server. That way you can use the same UI save for different characters and classes. Other parts of the UI can only be changed via a UI skin,

    You have three different components to change your UI:

    1) The character specific profile stored on the server which also contains the last UI save that was loaded.

    2) Multiple UI saves which is a subset of the character specific profile. I use these for different screen resolutions. Everything gets screwed up when I go from full screen to 1024 x 768 in a window. Back to full screen.

    3) Multiple UI skins. Some people have a different skin for each class.

    Duh more fun. You can further customize your UI via Lua Plugins. There are some nice inventory maangement. Hunter guide skill and other enhancements to make your life easier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thorgrum View Post
    I want to change the skills around on the UI so slots 1-9 appear differently for different UI layouts.
    By "skills" I assume you mean "contents of quickslots" (that's normally where new skills are placed when you train them) -- the answer is no, because quickslot contents are not saved as part of the UI layout when you use the "/ui layout {save|load}" commands.

    You can set up different positions for those quickslot bars and save those into different layouts, but the contents of those quickslots will not change during UI layout loads.

    The Rohan expansion did bring us multiple quickslot pages to play with, so each character can have two (or three, if you have your warsteed) different sets of quickslots. So far the alternate quickslot pages only include the main quickslot bar and bars 1-3 (the contents of quickslot bars 4 & 5 are static and don't change when you cycle through the pages). These alternate quickslot pages let you have one quickslot setup, and quickly swap to another setup. For example, an RK or Minstrel can setup a page with primarily DPS skills, then setup the secondary page with primarily Healing skills, and swap back and forth between them as needed.

    There's a pair of up-and-down arrow icons just to the right of your quickslots on the mainbar that lets you change pages, or you can map a key to the "Quickslot Page Up/Down" functions to cycle through the pages from the keyboard.
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