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Thread: Having the CD

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    Having the CD

    A year or two ago I brought the CD, and it says I get 30 days free. I didnt really get the chance to install the game, but now I was wondering if I could use the 30 days and would it give me VIP or F2P???

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    the code in the game box will give you 30days ViP game time IF

    the box does not contain a codemasters logo

    you have never used an activation code for shadows of angmar or Mines of moria in the past (mithril edition does not come with 30days). you can not use an SoA code if youve used a MoM code on your account, you can not use a SoA code or MoM code
    more than once even if you purchase a new copy

    and the code has not be used before

    if lotro is installed you only need to use the code, the DvD is not required
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    Quote Originally Posted by Finglonger_UK View Post
    ... you have never used an activation code for shadows of angmar or Mines of moria in the past
    Well, if the box you bought is for Shadows of Angmar, its code is only valid if you've never used either a SoA or MoM code before.
    If the box you bought is for Mines of Moria, its code is only valid if you've never used another MoM code (but having used a SoA code before is ok).

    But yes, it must be a Turbine and not Codemasters version. (Codemasters boxes show both Turbine and Codemasters logos, whereas Turbine boxes show only the Turbine logo.) It must be new and not used. And the disk itself is useless; what matters is the Product Key that came with it. Log into your account at myaccount.turbine.com to add the Product Key to your account. (Note: do it in that order: log in first and then add your code.)

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    Just in case it wasn't clear... the CD is unimportant. In fact, it is better to download the client and install it than to install it from the CD at this point.

    The important item in that box is the product key. It will give you 30 days of VIP time IF (and only IF):
    • The box is NOT a Codemasters box. Codemasters keys are no longer valid.
    • The key has never been used before.
    • YOU have not applied this type of key to your account. If it is a Siege of Angmar key, you also cannot have used a Mines of Moria key on your account.

    You get the benefit when you log in to your LotRO account at mylotro.turbine.com and use the "apply a product key" controls. You'll see it show up as part of your "subscription".

    Some folks with FtP accounts have had trouble applying a key. If that happens, contact Turbine directly and they can help you.
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    Thanks all for the help

    I'm pretty disappointed as I have found a Codemasters logo. It kinda sucks knowing I have it and cant use it.

    Guess I'll have to pay for some VIP soon enough.



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