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    Gashratt, it kills me to say it. it but...

    Gashratt, I don't know you at all (as far as I know - you may have a freep I have met), but recognition is due. An amazing fight today that went on furiously to a draw. Don't know how long it took before I realized neither one of us would won or lost, since I was too busy concentrating on trying to beat you, but it went on for what, 10-15 minutes?

    All my respect for fighting honorably. I did not use DC or NS, and you did not use flies. Well done! And yes, I realize you will try your best to kill me the next time we meet, or will heal those creeps who are trying to kill me. I understand and respect that. Nonetheless, kudos and thanks for a fun fight.

    And the other creeps who watched the fray (Visch, Drakolorus, Hellzor, Dafro, etc.) thanks for not jumping in and taking the easy kill. Not sure I am thrilled with the current state of the Moors, but there is hope.

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    It was mighty wide of you to post that Cunaith, kudos, I have a newfound respect for ya, lol. I enjoyed watching you and Gash go at it, yeah it went on for a while. Thanks to both of you for putting on a good show for me. See ya out there. Sincerely, Shnewp, a.k.a. Visch

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    Its always interesting to watch a good fight.I also enjoyed the spars between you an me,i have alot of respect for you.And i apologise for those who stood to watch us yesterday around 20m.That is why i decided to stop the fight.

    PS:i will sure remember you on the new server i will transfer.
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    I think I got inspired to make a Defiler when I saw Gashrat 1 v 1 some one at the start of my moors days. He is one tough guy to beat without flies I can't even imagine with flies. Last time i fought him i think it was 2 v 1 (me and a RK vs Gash) and it went on for 20 min or so because i remember i used OB(5m CD) about 3 times and when i was about to do the 4th one a bunch of freeps jumped in and killed the fight.
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