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    Nov 2012

    Red face Looking for a socially active, mature Kinship!

    Hi there,
    I'm an old player returning to play part-time. Started on a new account (missed the migration) but I have a decent knowledge of the in-game systems and such.
    I've been levelling a hobbit minstrel and I'm currently at level 21, really looking for a kin that has similarly levelled players, but also some higher levelled and more experienced ones too, it must be a socially active guild (people who like to talk) as I hate joining a kin that you have to violently force a conversation out of.
    I recently upgraded my account to VIP because I hit the 5g level cap (nice marketing skills Turbine, well done!) so I have access to the VIP features now also.

    Please feel free to reply to this with some information about your Kin and I'll hopefully be seeing you in-game!


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    Aug 2011
    Looking for a older person kin myself along with a friend...our little two person kin is not cutting it for end content...and well I imagine my kin mate is about tired of my tired rehashed quips...

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    1 highspires st Thekksgrof
    Try looking up Massive Dynamics, I havent had a chance to browse the forums lately, But if your still looking, We are most deffinatly a mature kinship, and having the largest kin on server doesent hurt your social chances either
    [RIGHT]Founder & Leader Massive Dynamics 2011 - 2013
    Founder & Leader Global Dynamics 2012 - current
    Co Founder We Eat Your Babies 2012
    Fulksayyan - Haggenrat - Harksayyan - Canthrondell[/RIGHT]



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