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    What's with Dargnakh?

    This instance appears to have gotten stupidly difficult (ie impossible).

    The amout of damage the troll is now doing in T2 Challenge is bascially a guaranteed wipe. Without spoiling, the "old" tactic no longer works, and it needs a different approach.

    I have no problem with that, since it makes it more interesting. What I DO have a problem with is the fact that a L75, non-scaling instance, offering 1% rewards to a level 85, is virtually impossible in T2 challenge. We ran with an 85 Guard, an 85 Minstrel and an 81 Ministrel. The best we could manage in about 8 wipes was four pillars down but wiping before the sun got the troll.

    Unless this instance is actually invisibly scaling, there is no prospect whatsoever of completing T2 challenge on level, and I don't care how good a group we are talking about.

    So come on Turbine. Making an instance difficult by simply giving the boss lots more morale and/or lots more DPS is just lazy, lazy, lazy design. Either throttle back the damage to a point where it is do-able, or genuinely scale it, with all the implications that has for rewards at L85. Otherwise, this is just another once-great instance consigned to the graveyard. And that particular graveyard is starting to look rather full.

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    Any changes to this instance are most likely bugs introduced with the release of RoR.

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    "This is not the bug you're looking for"
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    Tier 1 is also next to impossible, my team ran an 85 guard, 85 capt, and a 76 minstrel. The only reason we got through it was an insane number of rezzes and last stand. Our guard couldn't even make it past Dargnakh's feet once he started raging.

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    I noticed it too. An old player returned to lotro after 2 years, I wanted to show him the Isengard 3man instances. Hah, I was even bragging that I can solo Dargnakh... The damage of the pounding is ridiculously high (7k tick at 1st scaffold), and the warning before raging didnt change at all. So even if I am fast enough I get hit 2 times at least. I popped DC to survive at the 1st scaffold, but at the 2nd I was dead in a blink of an eye (nearly 20k unbuffed morale lvl85 warden). We gave it up after few tries.

    Kiting is out of the question, positioning is not possible that way, his speed gets buffed up anyway. I have absolutely no idea how to do this now.

    This must be a bug. I would appreciate if a dev could confirm that this is not working as intended.
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    Well, doesn't look we gonna get a dev response to this.

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    I am so happy to have found this thread! We tried Dargnakh the last two nights, on T1 and only managed to do it once - we tried all different constellations, even used different tanks (evel lvl 85 chars) - it's impossible to heal though, cause once in rage, he'll easily deal 15 k damage to the tank in just 2 seconds. -> on T1!!! (While the heal can't be in heal range anymore. If the heal is too close, he dies instantly... Our runekeeper was one hitted by Dargnakh yesterday with over 8k of damage.)

    Before RoR we did Dargnakh on T2 regularly, without any problems. Sure, a wipe once in a while, cause the heal got caught in the rage zone, however - never ever anything like this. We never payed attention to the damage dealt before the day before yesterday though, so we weren't sure whether we had just gotten completely out of shape, using mounts now and levelling up instead of going to instances a lot - however, if others are experiencing the same problems, chances are higher that we aren't that much out of shape, that something really has changed.

    I'd love to hear if anybody has more info about this, I don't recall reading about any changes on Dargnakh in the patchnotes - and I'll share this thread with my kin-mates tonight, they'll be happy to hear this, too! (or - well hopefully relieved).

    So - we are still facing the problem of wanting to defeat Dargnakh again! Any ideas...? Maybe his rage can now be interrupted somehow...? (provided it's really not just a bug, but intended...?)

    I mean the end fight was after all just for two people, more or less, the heal and the tank. Maybe this now needs more involvement of the third char? We tried debuffing with a loremaster already, that had no real effect though...

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    My guess would be that something about the way Dargnakh's rage damage gets calculated got accidentally tweaked due to the introduction of a new mechanic within the release of RoR. That or the database value for how much damage he does accidentally gained a zero on the end.

    I wasn't on much immediately after the release of ROI, were there this many bugs in older instances when that released?

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    It seems like mobs' special attacks in general have gotten a massive buff in RoR, probably unintentional. Regular skirmish mobs' attacks and many LT attacks seem to be WAI, but others are insane (Frigid Squall/Primordial Wrath hits for 11-12k, Fornost Wraith of Water wraith trash 1-shots anyone but tanks, boss 1-shots people like crazy).

    This reminds me of the tactical damage puddle bug from the RoI release, where even 75's were getting annihilated by Priestesses of Flame in skirms, that fire boss dude in Grand Stair, etc.

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    I would encourage everyone in this thread who experienced this, t1 and t2, to bug it. If it's just as bad as t1, that definitely sounds like a bug.

    I'm sort of getting used to all these bugs *sigh*

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    I just did t1 with my warden and damage is just crazy... Phase 1 about 5,7k, phase 2 about 7,2k, phase 3 about 9k... every second. Last phase damage I don't know, I took "only" 1,4k because Defiant Challenge was active. So yeah gone is times when warden could easily solo it. Now you need little luck even with healer to make it. Wrong time stunned and it's wipe.
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    Me and two others ran this a few times the other day T1 and it was literally impossible.

    One group combo our level 85 guardian was getting hit for around 13K per hit ...

    This was before any pillars came down.
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    Same issue here.

    My healer was called in to help a couple of friends. We had an 85 warden (+75 hunter), and myself a 85 RK, full heal traited with a second age level 85 bag.

    I had full T3 Writ of healing plus other heals on the warden during rampaging rage and the warden would still go down.

    Only way to keep the warden up was to pop a bubble. That barely made it through two corners. But then was out of bubbles.

    We then tried kiting but that is a fail for multiple reasons.

    Oh and this was on T1.

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    It's not just Dargnakh -- a number of instances seem to have something "off". Mitigations aren't working or the mobs damage have been ramped up to insane levels.

    In additional to the wraiths in Fornost, Water wing (already mentioned).
    Halls of Night isn't working either -- the hungry spirits and the bosses hit bonkers hard.

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    In rounds 1 or 2 of RoR's beta, damage was out of wack everywhere. They eventually fixed it, but perhaps what we're seeing here is related to that problem. Hope it gets fixed soon!

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    It´s still possible ^^
    (Cappy Bubble, Debuffs, Charge/Make haste)

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    Yeah, we managed the instance, too, with several wipes in between - however, this should not be like this in a lvl 75 instance, when there are lvl 85 chars doing it on T1 - especially when this was easily do-able on lvl 75 chars even on T2...

    Does anybody know if this has maybe been fixed in the meantime? We haven't tried Dargnakh again yet - but: we noticed yesterday that the Mirkwood skirmishes work fine again, so - I was wondering if maybe Dargnakh was fixed as well...

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    Yep - i did the same , took a cpl of guys from kin through this run to get deeds done

    We got him on Tier 1 using the sun and we even after a cpl of hours LOL - Got The tier 1 deed which is to dps him down ( this was no easy feat i can tell you ).

    We tried to do tier 2 using the sun and the furthest we got was two pillars down.

    I figured we were doing something wrong, turns out we wernt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uddl View Post
    Does anybody know if this has maybe been fixed in the meantime?
    Its not been fixed. Yesterday we try Dargnakh with LM, Guardian, Minstrel (all Level 85) full debuffs from LM but Dargnakh hit without any buffs in the first Phase with 8,4k following with 5k Area Damage.

    In Combatanalysis i got 21k Damage in ONE second.
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    Still broken.

    Dargnákh scored a hit with Pounded on Heartscar for 29,778 Common damage to Morale. Standing 29m from Dargnakh.

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    Stilllllllllllll broken! C'mon devs fix this please! Fully geared 85 tank can't even get two steps past Dargnakh. Damage was 19k in two hits.

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    It's only been broken for a little over three months and they haven't ackonwledged it's even a known bug so... well, give it a couple of years I suppose
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    I just recently tried soloing Fil Gashen with my champ at 85. I ran into a similar problem with Commander Greb. In his second stage which is a fire based stage, he did crazy damage on me. I wasn't attacking him so it wasn't his reflected damage ability. I just stood there and watched my bubble and 11K morale dissappear in a couple seconds.

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    I just tried running this last night and its still broken. Its been this way for months. Something is broken in the enrage mechanism, instead of breaking down the support he wrecks the tank, chasing him around until dead. I didn't see the buff appear on his bar either.

    Whats the ETA on the fix Turbine?
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    Ran it on T1 and I was stupid enough to think it didn't warrant bringing a proper healer.
    Well, you can guess what happened during Dargnahk's first rage.... splat goes the well geared warden, followed by the burg and hunter.

    Quote Originally Posted by noradaddy View Post
    I just recently tried soloing Fil Gashen with my champ at 85. I ran into a similar problem with Commander Greb. In his second stage which is a fire based stage, he did crazy damage on me. I wasn't attacking him so it wasn't his reflected damage ability. I just stood there and watched my bubble and 11K morale dissappear in a couple seconds.
    I ran FG solo recently without any problem. Did you check your combat log for exactly what was killing you?
    I didn't take much damage from Greb and I'm squishy as hell.


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