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    Tolkien Newbie Question. In Terms of Age as in Years ...

    ...how long is one elven year as compared to a human year in terms of age? IE If an elf was 1 year old, how old would a human be?

    Also I would like to take the last name 'Ironwolf'. Is this a big no no? (I don't want to play an evil type character).
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    RE: age

    Tolkien never specifies the age of Elves compared to humans like he does for Hobbits; a 20 year old Hobbit is a teenager for humans.

    Ironwolf isn't an evil name unless you make it so.

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    well lets see.....Tolkien wrote that an elf would gain control of it body and mind earlier then a human EG a two year old elf could dance or whatnot while a human the same age would still be trying to walk. but elves would also age slower then a human so a ten year old elf would look younger then a kid the same age. so the answer to your question is basically that an elf would be both younger and older than a one year old but as it got older it would view a man as something short lived.

    i hope that answered your question.

    P.S i'm something of a "Tolkien nerd" so everything i said should be correct

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    Wiki, and have not read HoME 12 myself, so cannot completely on accuracy. But there you go.

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    An elf would mature quicker than a human but would not age after reaching adulthood

    While I wouldn't go so far as to say ironwolf is a big no no. I do think it would be an unusual name for an elf. Both iron and wolves tend to have negative/evil connotations (to elves at least). Iron being a harsh and unyielding metal and wolves being associated with compassion-less predators that stalk and prey on the weak. (plus all wolves are evil in lotro)

    So I think an elf with that name would no doubt be a dark brooding sort. Plagued by nightmares of the past, somewhat of an anti-hero perhaps (at least by elven standards). A champion with anger management issues perhaps, or a hunter too long in the wild? An orphan of course, the only survivor of some massacre (you know the story) .

    fyi: According to my google level (i.e. rubbish) Sindarian:

    Iron is Ang (as in Angmar) and Wolf is Draug

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    Thank you all for your input!

    Laire I checked out the link and learned some pretty interesting stuff, which will help me out in my rp! I think I will not go with that last name finally, being an elf and all <winks> and certainly not a dark brooding type, too many of those around in the game I think, at least from what I've seen so far and I'm only 16th level so I still have quite a bit to learn yet.

    But all in all I'm enjoying the game and am excited to rp in Tolkien style.

    Again, thank you all so much, really appreciate your advice.

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    This http://tolkiengateway.net/wiki/Appendix_D will lead you to the different calendars used in Middle Earth. If you want to do the math to see what the differences in ages would be according to them, go right ahead, lol!
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