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    Good fight TY to Freeps and Creeps 11/10/2012

    I wanted to thank all the Freeps and Creeps who came out last night on the moors. It was terrific. I hope everyone had good fun.

    1. Freeps did fantastic job of keeping the Creeps moving around.
    2. Freeps were still outnumbered (sometimes by a lot) but they stuck it out and kept returning
    3. We had an open raid Creepside which was so nice. Folks were polite and helpful and everyone in the raid did the best they could to find the Freeps and keep the group going.
    4. I was especially impressed by the restraint of the Creeps in not over pressing their advantage and remaining with the theme of playing. We didn't flip OPs (too often) and we didn't re-take Keeps (too often). We did kill a lot of npcs but mostly the Creeps realized that the OPs and Keep buffs were more important to help the Freeps stay active.

    It was a great evening and I can see that once everything gets rolling full tilt, the moors are going to be even more fun than before.

    Thanks to all.
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    The Oath: A Novel by Elie Wiesel

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    Yep thats true nice fight i ad lot of fun i hope we gonna have more night like this
    R.I.P Esfiel(Rank13) (Promotion Rank 7) BA(rank8) Spider(rank8) Coq(rank9)



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