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    Derudh's Stone vs Outrider's Token

    I notice that the Derudh's Stone item gives +25% Exp on monster kills up until level 64 and costs 995 TP, yet the Outrider's Token gives +25% Exp on monster kills until level 74 and is only 495 TP.

    Why on Middle-earth would anyone ever buy the Derudh's Stone ever?

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    The Derudh's Stone is out-dated since it came with the RoI-Expansion (actually before that as pre-order reward). The Outrider's Token is exactly the same for RoR.
    Guess, the first one is still in shop because someone 'forgot' to delete it (easy earned money... *cough*). At least, I don't blame them - keeps the servers running! And smart guys will ask the same question, you did. So: no problems. :P

  3. A way to justify the price of the Derudh's stone is to make Bind to Account and up to 75 (like I was hoping the Outrider's token would be).
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