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    Which way to get Moria + mirkwood + isengard for a VIP?

    One more thread... I have been wondering which way I'll get to moria+mirkwood+isengard... I have VIP now and until I stop playing. I find Turbine site too confusing to compare all the possible options (with and without VIP etc)... Maybe I'm just a simpleton.

    Option A) Buy them all in 3 expansion bundle => ~30€
    Option B) Buy bunch of TP and get Moria quest pack, Mirkwood quest pack and Isengard quest pack => around 1000TP more for me.

    What do I miss if I choose option B over option A?


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    Quest Packs aren't expansions. When you buy them you don't get: additional classes(Moria), instances(all 3 expansions), some other things that were in expansions also. So I think it's better to buy the pack on the website.

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    I understand that quest pack is not expansion. I don't care if I lose two character slots or RK and warden stays unlocked.

    According to turbine's website, quest packs include instances as well although there no mention what's included in Isengard's quest pack...

    It's only 15€ or so, but I guess it's more about principle than money... If you sell stuff scattered as this, it must be well documented what you get if you buy this or that.



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