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    The hobbit movie premier help

    Like many people here i want to go see The Hobbit but before i get my tickets i need to know a few things:

    When they say its out december 14 does that mean that if i get the midnight tickets i will get in line late thursday afternoon or friday afternoon (i live in CA)?

    3D: The last time i saw a 3D movie was with the red and cyan glasses which distorted colour and hurt my eyes, what are 3D movies like now (i wear glasses so i dont know if that will change anything too), and should i get the 3D tickets over the plain ones?

    The "special" stuff: will the new frame rate that peter is trying out apply to all the showings or only certian ones, and if only certian ones will it be good enough to pay the extra money for (i think i heard somewhere that the change isnt actually noticeable by the human eye)?

    Thank you in advance!

    Is this the best forum for this or should i move it? I wasnt entirely sure where to put this

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    This should probably be in the Off-Topic forum.
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    When I went to buy advance tickets, I had to set the date picker to December 13 in order to see the midnight showing on Thursday night/Friday morning. The system confirmed for me that this was the case.

    Hope there are tickets left for you! I'll be at Lowes Boston Common with the line party that night. Check for a line party near you at http://www.theonering.net/torwp/line-parties/

    Red/green glasses are a thing of the LONG past. The movie uses Real3D, which requires special glasses that you'll get as part of your admission. They fit over my glasses and work very well, as long as you have vision in both eyes. Color comes through very well, but the glasses do darken the image some so they show the movie brighter to compensate. It's a mature and excellent technology (invented here in Massachusetts!) and you probably won't have problems.

    Not all theaters will be showing it at the high frame rate. Since Peter Jackson picked the higher frame rate specifically to deal with motion blur in 3D, I would recommend going to the high frame rate showing if you want 3D. It should be specially marked, or you can call the theater and ask.
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    If you get the midnight tickets you want to get there late Thursday night. A lot of theaters (including the one I work at) now make their midnight showtimes at 11:59pm to help clear up confusion. You would not believe the number of people who show up on the wrong day. (We actually had a very sad case where an entire extended family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.) drove three hours to see the midnight of Titanic in Imax...on the wrong day).

    Like Shukar said, the red and green glasses do not exist anymore. Regular 3D movies do use the RealD glasses. I know that some people are not fans of them. Most theaters only have one projector per a screen. For 3D films that one projector splits the image and then the 3D glasses puts things right again. That has a tendency to be very hard on the eyes. To lesson that, I recommend sitting back a ways from the screen.

    Now, The Hobbit is being released in 3D Imax as well. That is a bit differently. My theater has an imax screen in addition to the rest of ours. 3D Imax is entirely different than RealD 3D. For one thing the IMAX projectors always come in pairs. Because of that, there is no splitting the image like usual 3D films. This actually causes the film to be even more in 3D. (add that to the floor to ceiling and wall to wall screen and the digitally remastered sound...it should be pretty epic). And due to the IMAX 3d Glasses have a reversed polarity than RealD 3d glasses, there is a whole lot less eye strain.

    I haven't worked in a projection booth in nearly two years so I'm afraid that I can't go into more detail than that. If you have a chance, I highly recommend seeing it in IMAX since it is a much more immersive (and easier on the eyes) experience. And I'm not sure how things are in CA, but here in Indiana we still have plenty of tickets available!
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