I was hoping to use the 30% discount that is up right now to get some Stat Packages or bundles for many of my alts. The problem, however, is that they seem to have gone missing from the store.

I go to "Featured Items -> Bundled Offers -> Stat Packages", but all I get is the following message:

"This area of the Store does not contain anything for your character at this time. "

I have tried this with my lvl 79 main, and my lvl 16 new guy, and all my other alts in between. I have purchased these packages in the past for other characters, so I know that they "were" available at on point in time. I was trying to buy these for a character that has not purchased any stat upgrades, and for another character that have upgraded one stat line, but wanted to buy package for a different stat.

Are these no longer available? Or is there a glitch in my account? I have had others in my Kin try and see if they are available for them, and they get the same error.

I would love to have spent a lot of points right now using the current discount, but can not do that just buying the stats singly.