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    The game won't start

    Hi guys,
    since the last update, i cannot connect to the game. I click on the launcher icon, log in, select server, till here, everything is ok. But after selecting the server, the launcher closes and a black window appears on half of my screen for about two seconds. And after that, the window disappears and nothing happens. Any idea how to solve this one? I have already played the RoR expansion.

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    game crashes before character screen

    pretty much the exact same problem here (if anything it's good to know i'm not alone), i select the server, i get to the screen where turbine magically appears, then i'm dropped out.

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    first place to start update your graphics drivers to the latest version you can find

    if lotro still wont start browse to (my)documents\the lord of the rings online and find userpreferences.ini and open in notepad
    find the line GraphicsCore=
    and change it to GraphicsCore=D3D9
    find the 2 line allowfakefullscreen and forcefakefullscreen
    and change both to AllowFakefullscreen=False and ForceFakefullscreen=False
    close and save the file then try lotro again

    if lotro still wont start open userpreferences.ini again and find the line Fullscreen=
    and change it to Fullscreen=False

    yet agian if lotro still wont start delete userpreferences.ini then from the lotro launcher click the single down arrow and select options and use the Repair Display Settings

    if you still have problems please post your full system specs including OS
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