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    Any way to empty the shopping cart?

    I currently have 6 items in my shopping cart. The total price in TP's of those 6 items is higher than my current TP amount. So I'm trying to remove some items. However the Store window doesn't register my mouse clicks in the Shopping Cart subwindow. I can neither click the remove button, nor adjust the quantity of an item.

    I tried relogging and restarting the client, but nothing works. The same 6 items are still in my Shopping Cart and I can't remove any of them. I (still) have no problem accessing the rest of the Store by the way.

    Is there any way to completely clear the Shopping Cart or will it time out after a while?
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    Shopping Cart

    When I had a similar problem, I removed the coupon code and it fixed everything.

    I have not found a way to completely clear the Shopping Cart and it does not seem to time out (at least not within a month).

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    I managed to "fix" this with a workaround:

    Log out the affected character and go to the character selection screen. From there you can only make account-wide purchases, not character-specific purchases. So the character-specific items were automatically removed from my cart. For me that meant I had only 2 items left out of 6. I added 3 more go over 3000 TP again (for the discount), and checked out with the items I wanted.

    So not a complete fix, but at least I was able to buy what I wanted again.

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    I have a similar question related to this. What happens if you switch characters while having items in your store cart?

    For example, I want to add say an extra Legendary Slot, but it only shows up the store for my character that has access to legendary items. If try to search for it on characters that are below level and haven't accessed their first legendaries it says there is nothing available.

    Now, I switch to my Lore-Master (a character that is only about level 35, and thus doesn't have access to legendary slots in the store), the legendary slot is now still in the cart (from the previous character I switched from.) On the new character I want to buy several mile-stones, and the steed of the lore-master, so I add those to the cart as well.

    Ok, so what will happen if I try to 'purchase'?

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    For me what I had added to the cart on one character, also showed in the cart for my other characters (I had hoped a switch between characters would fix my issue but alas it didn't).

    However I didn't have any items in the cart that would not be available to other characters in the first place, so I don't know what would happen then. I would assume the illegal items would be removed, but I don't know for sure.



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