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    How can I use the current discount offer?

    I want to use the 30% discount for spending > 3000 TP in the shop and buy 12 legendary slots. 3 Alts should get 4 slots each.

    If I buy 3 slots for 1 char 3 times, I wont get the discount because 3 buyings for 1000 TP don't count for the 3000TP discount.

    Is it possible to buy the 3x4 Slots in one shop session to get the discount? Or is there another way the get the discount and the slots?

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    You can't.
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    I have not been able to find anyway to buy multiples of the same thing to count towards the discount, either. I wanted to buy a couple of character slots and a couple of shared storage upgrades, but since they can't all count towards the same discount I decided to wait and see if they go on sale. I think it's disappointing, though.
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    A while back I posted a request to allow these kind of discounts to span multiple purchases within a day. I don't know how difficult that suggestion would be to implement, but I do think it would encourage more people to buy a lot of stuff during DYD sales. I hope they'll at least look into the feasibility of such an arrangement.

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    It's a bug in the system that Turbinew gladly takes advantage of...

    This quirk or bug is something I feel that Turbine has done intentionally to bolster there income from the store sales.

    I the past, I had a char at level 49 and they had the legendary slots at 20% off and they would not let me buy them on that char till the car reached 50, at which time the sale was over...

    So as I say I do think this is an intentional design issue...

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    You cant, the system is made to make players buy useless or nonwanted stuff in order to reach the wanted amount of tp to apply the discount.

    For example, If I want Hurried Traveller and a Legendary Slot Unlock in my Loresmaster lvl 50 but at the same time I want to buy "Mounted Combat Trait Spec + War-steed Cosmetic Outfit Slot" (in order to reach +2000 tp and apply the -20% code)

    I have to log in my hunter lvl 85, add the items to the cart, then relog into my lvl 50 loremaster, check the cart to see the 4 items are there, apply the code. Done

    /edit in this case the "War-steed Cosmetic Outfit Slot" is the nonwanted item

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    I think these discounts are pretty much useless. TP are account wide, so the discount should be account wide, too. With ten active chars and four bank chars it would be easy to reach the 3000 border. But even for one char I cannot use the discount to upgrade from 120 to 195 bank slots because I can only buy 1 expansion at a time. So now I won't buy anything and wait until there is a discount on the storage expansion itself.

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    I suspect that there are a significant number of people (including myself) in this same boat, who would gladly spend quite a large amount of TP during this type of sale, if only we could have the discount apply across all the purchases that the store requires us to do as separate transactions.

    Perhaps some sort of a rebate system could be devised for this sort of sale. At the end of the sale period, the system looks back for each account, adds the total purchases made during the sale period, and credits the appropriate percentage of TP back to the account.

    I, for one, would gladly have spent well over 3k points during this sale if it weren't limited to a single cart.
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    Just a short feedback to my starting post.
    My original plan was to spend 3000TP for legendary slots, but because of the technical limitations I didn't spend $30 for TPs and I didn't bought anything.



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