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    Presenting the 5th Annual Great Elven Ball

    It all started with a naive attempt to dedicate a Ball to the elven roleplayers several years ago. An event to set aside all disagreements and be united in a lighthearted dancing event, also a celebration for our kin anniversary. Without much expectation we gave it a go...

    Some of you might remember the First Grand Elven Ball back in November 2008 :

    It was a nice event! One of the first of its kind. You did all honor us by joining to our humble event in such numbers and as a result, we made it an annual event next year, properly titled as The 2nd Annual Grand Elven Ball, in October 2009 as many of you remember :

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    Second event is still considered to be the best in the kinship in the terms of spontaneousness, improvisation and the quality of music. The attendance were greater than the first and overwhelming for us. We had but no option to work harder for the 3rd, October 2010 :

    Third event in my opinion was very rich in artistic taste. Since we were more experienced in such events, we knew a bit better what the audience were capable of if directed properly in a synchronized dancing event. Costumes, quality of dancing, roleplaying and the general sense of a ''Ball'' was much more genuine than the first two. We had to work harder to surpass the Third Ball.

    Then last year we have done the fourth. With the attendance of many famous elven houses and individuals of the Laurelin Elven community in Nov 2011. The circle dance was particularly nice in that one :

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    And now.... The show must go on.

    The Fifth Annual Grand Elven Ball awaits you. Please as you have done kindly in the last 5 years, consider that this event is aimed to be an elven themed event and every non-elf you bring would make it seem less elven. If you are not particularly invited with your Dunedain, Men, Your Dwarves or Hobbits and if you have a proper elven alt, it would be very helpful to attend with them instead of your mighty humans, dwarf lords or hobbitses. Still its up to you! (if you want to explain your presence to Veryacano at the gate and to his cold Hammerites)

    We do kindly await your arrival and yours at the event. Some of you have received in game Invitations and even in some cases, Personally inviting Order of Harp Envoys, and some have not. To clarify things, we want to declare that this is still and open event with some racial limitations and any elf who wish to come to see the biggest and largest synchronised dancing display won't be turned down.

    Again due practical difficulties we had to return to our ancient kinhall for such an occasion (as it would be very demanding to do the Fourth sequel of a successful string of events in Rivendell where lack of dancing platform and housing rights would certainly be problematic) and we'll return to Rivendell after a week of Falathlorn pilgrimage following the event.

    See you all there!

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    Bad timing for oathbreaking is bad!

    Perhaps I can attend with my alt Faeledwing (if I can convince myself not to take advantage of my previous knowledge about my friends' chars that is!), otherwise wishing you another epic event filled with laughter.
    Quitely you crept in and changed us all...

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    I'll join

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    The Grand Ball is almost here!

    This week-end, prepare your best clothing, for on Monday we will dance!
    Kalluin - Elf Guardian - Arandur of Vanimar (Laurelin/Landroval)
    Miste - Elf Minstrel - Lady of the Harp at Vanimar (Laurelin) and Andúnië (Laurelin/Landroval)
    Vestri - Dwarf Champion - Tyalie, the Spanish Tolkien Society's kinship (Laurelin)
    Tarquillan - Human Loremaster - Hispanea (Laurelin)

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    Bumping again to remind all elves that just a day left to the 5th Elven Ball! If you haven't learned some certain figures (like dance_elf2) in a festival' these are not for you, just enjoy watching others

    For those who have learned how to perform the correct steps, we'd like to add one or two little hints on the dancing, positioning and timing.

    Guide to Elven Dance in Diagonal Positioning.

    Without finishing this course you can't be a real elf :P All elves must know how to dance elegantly!

    Now our dance is /dance_elf2 its not a default dance so you have to learn it from the dance teacher in Duillond. Once in every 20 min she teaches it. If you haven't go and learn then come back.

    If your char knows how to dance but you dont? Welcome back, here we are to teach it

    Lesson 1 : Positioning

    There are numerous openings for this dance but we'll learn just one of them. In this particular elf dance, Lord and Lady starts in the same line and then slowly turning to each other face to face. Lord must know the perfect spot for the good dance.

    This I call it perfect because when the dance starts you'll notice that the characters will be moving diagonally. from SE to NW direction. Here's a little map about where the Lord is going to step on during his dance,

    And here's the lady's path of movement :

    In order to achieve a smooth dance without letting the characters to go into a collision course, and in order to avoid the lord to step on lady's fragile feet with his heavy boots we need that perfect spot. its a 1-1.5 char size away than the ladys left hand. step on there and let the lady start dancing.

    Lesson 2 : Timing.

    Anyone can do the same prelearned movements in the game but in order to make it a real courtly dance you need some skill in syncronisation. Your only reference point in doing that is your partner lady of course. Target her so you'll see a yellow ring appears on where she stands. Thats your reference point. Allow the lady to start the dance and you see she goes several steps forward and then returning back to her ordinary position. Ready your emote on the say slot as /dance_elf2 and when she collects her both feet inside the circle, hit the button. You'll start the next loop together syncronised!

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    Lesson 3 : Correcting mistakes

    We can do mistakes in timing and positioning and theres no need to continue the mistake deliberately. Lady does the same movement on and on, so you don't need to be an eyesore for everyone. inform the lady to keep going, then STEP BACKWARDS once and interrupt your chars dance. Regain your perfect spot. Wait for the perfect timing and type /dance_elf2 to the command prompt. When the lady goes back to her circle, hit the button and voila, you are sync dancing this time.

    Here you started the sync dance, and both chars went forward simultaneously. Your char passes through your partners left and going to her right. As does your partner to your char.

    Then they go even more forward, causing a gap between each other. On the stage, by their syncronisation only the couple looks like dancing at this point.

    Your char reaches the farthest point by touching your partner's circle on the SE point. If your char does that, the spot you have chosen is indeed perfect.

    Then the characters start returning back to their original positions.

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    But this time due to your perfect positioning, characters complete their courses passing by each others behinds, making it look like a real waltz!

    and in the end they will return back to their original positions. Simple as that!

    Now try it yourself!

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    When you say we need a robe or a hauberk, is the scholar's robes acceptable? And i'll definitely (try to) go to the Ball, but i'll stand in the shadows. Also, may my kin-members go even if they werent invited?

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    I wish you good luck with the event Vanimar! as always I am sure it will be a great event !
    Achazia Songweaver
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    Thanks Achy, previous events would not be that good without you. I hope you'll make it tonight!

    Aerinion, elves need no invitations, though due kindness we are still sending them, no elf will be turned back from the doors unless there are extreme conditions around (like OOC griefing). However, members of other race groups will be asked to explain their presence or show their invitations if they appear.

    folks don't forget that its happening


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    Would it be all right for Mellilot Papillion ('The Blind Bard of Bree') to attend the Ball? Although human, Mellilot was tutored as a minstrel by Mezereon Thymelaea, an elven bard, from whom she gained a deep appreciation of elven music, and also learned to speak fairly fluent Sindarin. Mellilot has also ((on Landroval)) gained the favour of the White Lady. In short she is well versed in elven manners and mores. In appearance, too, she would not stand out from a group of elven ladies, except under close scrutiny. So she should fit into the elven ambience of the Ball, and would dearly like to attend this great event.
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    It was an excellent event Vanimar! I truly enjoyed as I always do. Unfortunally I had to leave earlier because of RL issues and other duties . But luckely I was there to hear the lovely band/ see the welcome speech, and the dances

    Well done! look forward to the next years Ball

    PS: I took a few pics, might post them later
    Achazia Songweaver
    Songwriter in The Shades. Listen to my music at Soundcloud and Radio Rivendell
    Contributor at Lotro Players
    The Shadows

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    Thanks a lot for coming last night, was nice. though I was a bit multitasking during the event and could not attend to all of the guests and missed a lot of the RP while being on the stage I hope everyone had a nice time.

    Special thanks to Andunie band for their brilliant music repertoire for the evening. The score was largely their own composition and transpositions. Quite a large effort was made for preparation and they deserve all the good words. Especially Makalaure honoured and humbled us very much by performing on a special day of his. It meant a lot for us and we share his feelings.

    Thanks to Himwen and her kinmembers in More awesome than Mordor, Curugirion and elves of Loth-i Lonnath, Taramthir and elves of Laiquendi order and all others coming individually to honor us last night.

    One thing to be clarified while the issue is revealed kind of late, that some invitations (sent about 20 days before than the event) did not reach to their destinations, strangely while I was seeing them as "sent" with mail screen disappearing and everything. It has become harder to track since majority of the invitations have passed through, some apparently have not. I need to blame my dongle connection at that point about it since it can be tricky at times and kindly apologize for the mistake which could not be unearthed earlier. Since their RP arrangements had been made for another place in the absence of an invitation they could not make it and we have learned it all too late. Only thing that can be said about it, that it won't happen next year thats for sure.

    Since I was too busy maybe someone else posts screenies?

    Thanks everyone!
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    Many thanks to Anglachelm and his kinnies for hosting another fine event for the Laurelin Elven community!
    I hope we didn't deplete your wine stocks too much!
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    A lovely event, as always! We truly enjoyed it, all of us form Matm. Andunie played excellent music, there was wine and good company to be had. I am looking forward to next year already!

    Here are some pictures we took to commemorate the evening!

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    My apologies for missing the ball. I didn't realise it was to be held so soon and I didn't log in to check my mail for the invite. Oops.



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