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    Title: The Adorable

    I recently found out about social titles and I'd really love to get the "Adorable" title for my character.

    However when I go to the Title page on lotro-wiki.com it says it's currently disabled. I haven't found a mention of that anywhere else.

    Can anyone confirm if it still can be obtained or is it bugged or something?

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    I can promise you that it isn't obtainable, as I must have received a thousand hugs, and yet no title. ;_; It's a pity, as that title is indeed adorable, and when we first heard about it we were all excited to get it for the character of a friend who is completely adorable as well.
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    The Mines of Moria absorbed a good bit of my time a few years ago (when it was still dark and eerie) but even with the benefit of maps and kin-mates and fellowships, I was always getting lost or running into a dead-end. If I could've, I would've given myself the title: Cartographically Challenged...

    ... it would be great if Turbine offered some type of deed and/or reward that permitted us to customize a title.
    (i know, they'd need to hire a review panel for approvals; hey, i'd volunteer... it would be entertaining to say the least)

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    From what I remember looking into these /emote earned titles they only increment about 5 times per day. So having someone spam /loved or /angry etc. on you to no end will do nothing after the first few. Other than that, I'm unsure regarding the titles.

    Also, just peaked at the wiki pages you linked. Seems it's just saying that "Adorable" is the only one not available? So OK. All that same information is there on the wiki. I'll just end my post here.

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    This deed was taken out way back in SoA. Their use to be an animation linked to /hug... but it was really weird. So they took out the animation and the deed hasn't worked since.
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