LOL. I was wondering if this was totally random. Now I know, but being amused by the responses and this one was definitely the funniest.. 9 months later if we have a sudden spike in the birth rate but STILL no Entwalk instance quests. I will be very put off. Thanks for the info though, I wasn't sure if it was broken. The last one I need. But I can wait.


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Going with Scruff's estimate of 20 days in a row without Entwash, we're looking at a (3/4)^20 chance that Entwalk doesn't appear once in those 20 days.

That works out to a 0.3% chance*. So yes, not zero, but not exactly in the realm of "likely" (Pratchett quotes regarding million to one chances aside).

*Apropos of nothing, this is also the generally quoted chance of getting pregnant when using oral contraceptives perfectly. Clearly the solution to our Entwalk problem on E is to collectively forget to take our birth control pills and allow the Entwalk to knock us up.