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Thread: Nice Try

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    Nice Try

    Not meant sarcastically as the Mac client actually runs smoother for me than its Windows/Bootcamp counter-part. Better FPS, richer colors, and rubber-banding while riding a warhorse is pretty much gone since I have managed to jump every river I've come across perfectly instead of being dismounted and my character suddenly appearing 10ft from where I see him - which happens on the windows client all the time. That and riding across town at 4.2MPH then being sling-shot back 400ft because actually I'm stuck behind a wall. None of that on the Mac client.

    However the little thing doesn't work. The thing you use 100% of the time. The thing more important than FPS, colors and rubber-banding. Keybinds. You press them every second you're in combat, when you mount, dismount, buff. I have many reaction abilities tied to scrolling the mouse wheel up/down with shift/control also. This doesn't work on the Mac client, nor does the middle mouse button(s) or the two on the side of my particular mouse.

    I will be keeping a close eye on these forums for the coming updates to the BETA client, and hope to see an actual finished one soon because honest to God except for this one crippling (for my playstyle) aspect, this client blows the windows one out of the water.

    See you soon. TM.

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    I have a very similar issue with a Logitech trackball. I have 2 buttons on it assigned for mounting and mining. One is assigned to "Ctrl =" and the other to "Alt m" (with associated key binding to Mount/Unmount and Use).

    In the Mac Client both buttons drop the modifier keys. It tests OK and works fine in *any* other program from Firefox to Photoshop. It's just an issue with the LotRO client.

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    An idea : check in your System Settings, Keyboard, Shortcuts. Maybe some shortcuts aren't useful for you, or maybe you can reconfigure them.

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    You also cant enter any text if change any of your graphics settings or change the window size.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vulcan583 View Post
    You also cant enter any text if change any of your graphics settings or change the window size.
    A "known bug" -- have to logout and back in again if you change window size. ... but bug it again anyway.
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