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    Tarnished Crests

    So far after 2 weeks of playing, I have only found 2 from ornate caches. Anyone else having better luck?

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    I've farmed about 700 mats worth of chests and only found 1. I'd consider myself lucky if I got 2.

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    In my opinion shards or other stuff don't drop so often for scholars as for prospectors...

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    It's entirely based on random luck. Last night I got two crests within a stack of mats. The other night 200 mats and no crests. I wish they'd add crests to the skirm crafting vendor (for a reasonable price).
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    You can get them from doing the warband Bugad as well, i have had a few that way. There is also the crafting instance zones in Hybolt which usually have a couple of rich nodes.

    Just make sure you mine/tap into every resource node you come across whilst questing. You can gather a fair few that way without having to try. I think i have gained the most from Ore nodes.

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    I agree it seems much easier to get from ore nodes than scholar nodes



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