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    Bree land homestead strangeness again

    I logout inside the Bree land provisioner and Login just outside the gates of the homestead.
    I tested this and it happened time and time again.

    BUGGED this twice bug wondering if anyone else is having this issue?
    I can't seem to find the technical forums to post this problem in.
    So I am posting it here and In general chat.

    GOOD GRIEF Charley Brown!

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    I was on Landroval yesterday and my toon was in the Privisioners when I logged out and then I was outside the main gate when I logged in. Not a crisis but a bit annoying.

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    Same here. If I log out in Bree homesteads, I'm logged back in outside the neighborhood. Very annoying. Have not bugged it, but I will if I remember to tonight.

    Thavrondir, maker of fine wood weaponry at reasonable prices on the Landroval server. Custom orders welcome via in-game mail.

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    When this happened to me I also experienced some sort of force field which prevented me from moving more than a couple of dozen metres from the gate. It sort of sparkles red when I into it. Not a huge deal but /bugged nevertheles.



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