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Thread: Keybinds / UI

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    Keybinds / UI

    Where does one put the folder containing keybinds and UI's with the Mac client?

    I copied my The Lord Of The Rings Online folder from my windows partition so to keep the same keybinds / UI elements from that client with the Mac client, but cannot find a trace of any folder to put them in.

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    The location you're looking for can be found here:

    /Users/<yourmacusername>/Library/Application Support/com.turbine.lotroclient/

    (Please note that this Library folder is not the system-wide one, which is located at /Library).

    You'll probably notice that you cannot find said folder. By default it is hidden (Apple's policy since the introduction of Lion). You can make it visible by doing the following:

    Click on the Finder icon (by default this can be seen in the Dock), or just open any Finder window. Then click on the "Go" menu on the menu bar on top of the screen while pressing the Option (alt) key. You'll see a list of locations there. The one you're looking for is called "Library".

    Click on it, and a new Finder window opens with the folder at your disposal. From there on you'll just navigate to Application Support and then you'll see a folder called "com.turbine.lotroclient" (This folder is the same "The Lord of the Rings Online" folder that Windows users have access to under /Users/<name>/Documents/The Lord of the Rings Online).

    When you're viewing the "com.turbine.lotroclient" folder, now would be a great time to make a shortcut to be placed anywhere (on the desktop, or elsewhere), for easy access in the future (all LotRO plugins, screenshots and so on will also populate this folder, just as you've seen on the Windows side).

    It would be great if Turbine could change the default location of this folder to somewhere visible (and to give the folder a simpler name). In the closed beta this was one of the issues that were mentioned by Mac gamers several times. That said, Turbine is just following Apple's new policy and thus doing things according to the book, so I'm not quite sure what the options would be. But at least if the current setup is going to be permanent, I would really want Turbine to provide us with a proper sticky FAQ in order to make such basic information readily available to the Mac community.



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