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    The Doombiscuits

    Just to give an overview really and to say that the doombiscuits kin is now openly recruiting members in anticipation of the instance cluster and to gear up from skirmish raids, we are made up of the core raiders from the cookie channel of which there are 12 of us. We have a ventrillo server and website. We want members who are motivated in being apart of the kin and Raid group and want the group to progress which involves the sharing of loot so that everyone progresses. We are currently looking for either healing classes and a burg. If you think u would enjoy being part of our raiding group then send a mail or tell to Ingalad or Nithyraen. Also you can contact skaredoon but that may be dangerous

    Hope to see you all ingame and some good new members to join our ranks

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    Our website is now up and running, u can find out more at www.doombiscuits.com. Our recruitment is open for a few remaining spots in our raid team. Thank you for reading
    See you all ingame

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    We are still recruiting for 3 new members to join our final raiding spots, we are currently looking for:
    1 lm
    1 tank
    1 dps
    If interested send Ingalad/Nithyraen a tell or mail ingame or visit out website.
    Cya about ingame all

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    Our kinship is still recruiting! We are looking for players who can attend to our Saturday's raid. We are looking for very raid-orientated members who are active and love to join our close team of raiders. Currently looking for:
    - 1 more tank
    - 2/3 Dps classes - This can be a Runekeeper/Hunter/Champion

    If you are interested, please visit our renewed site www.doombiscuits.com and make an application form. Or, if you wish to recieve more information, contact either of our officers in-game. See you in game!

    The officer team - Ingalad, Nithyraen, Roxlairiel, Skaredoon

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    Jun 2011
    Grams Rock - Complaining!
    Bumping this :-)

    Very active kin in PvE and PvP, many of us are waiting for the new content.

    Great player base, many talented members and leadership.
    Snowbourn - Commander Shakbasher - Lieutenant Glurf

    Warriors of The Great Eye

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    We are still looking to recruit a burg for our raid group. if interested just apply on our website or send a tell to one of our officers:
    Skaredoon, Muzardd, Nithyraen, Roxlairiel, Ingalad

    Currently running bg t2 hm and readying our selves for the new raids.
    Hope to see you all around in middle earth soon

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    Just a quick update that recruitment has reopened for 1 Tank, 1 Captain and 1 Minstrel, this is for raid orientated players only please to join our raiding team, if you would like more information then send an officer a tell or apply at www.doombiscuits.com

    Thanks for reading, enjoy your time ingame

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    Just a quick update we have a few new recruitment spots since last time I posted.
    Currently recruiting
    1 Hunter
    1 Loremaster
    1 Captain
    These 3 classes must be raiding characters concentrated on raiding t2/t2hm in kin. If u are interested in joining us then send a mail to one of our officers ingame or apply on the website www.doombiscuits.com
    Thanks for reading hope to see you all soon



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