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    I've wanted a bounder's outfit (like Bounder Boffin) for my hobbit warden for awhile now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andys90 View Post
    Lorien Elf outfits.

    Wanted it since the moment i saw it. There are similar items, but nothing comes close really. And lately I've been loving the lighter version too.

    My mirkwood elf totally wants it as well.
    Devs do something please.
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    I saw this one in Minas Elendur and I really like it, particularly the shoulders/sleeves. It makes me wish that it were possible to have secondary dyeing options, this outfit but black and with gold instead of red veining would be a+
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    i'm still not close to level 70, so i couldn't get that ranget outfit.
    i wish i could use a canadith style outfit at my level
    maby there is a way to get it?
    and tom bombadil's. i would change my race for that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chieth View Post
    I saw this one in Minas Elendur and I really like it, particularly the shoulders/sleeves. It makes me wish that it were possible to have secondary dyeing options, this outfit but black and with gold instead of red veining would be a+
    That's Sauron when he was an elf, btw.

    And I'd pay for the cloaks the Dunlendings wear, the dark blue/black ones with the large white bull skull design in white and border. Specifically, the ones worn by the crafting guild masters in the Galtrev guild hall. Screenshot incoming.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fergusopps View Post
    Oh Laire, I know how you feel, I took this screenshot long ago to represent my true desire for this outfit

    I actually really like the more common dresses on the left. And the common mop hat! Most of my characters are common, and I have a really hard time finding common-looking clothing to put them in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PierreForever View Post
    Mostly Just the hood. I do like the whole outfit, but I understand that the shoulders are just too darn similar to the Worn Rangers Wrap. I would like to see the Makeshift Ranger Mask converted to it... I would pay money for that!


    ( P.S. sorry I didn't post the link first.)
    ( P.P.S. All of my Characters got the Makeshift Ranger mask, 2 of them bought from the store, until I realized they had that... that... that... CONE on the back, I was like "SWEET! A ranger hood with a Mask just like Langlas'! (My first char was an elf) AMAZING!" I paid 10 bucks for some TPs, I realized it was at the skirm camp. And I was all like. "I paid money for that, aw... Oh well, now I can get more!" then one day... my friend walked up to me on the game. "What is that horrible cone on your head?" he said, then I looked at it sideways and said: "OH MY GOSH! WHAT IS ON MY HEAD!" and instantly replaced it with a hooded cloak, then I was sad because it had that cool mask... It was so much like Langlas' hood... *sigh*
    That entire outfit is in Update 11. Whoot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evaernon View Post
    That entire outfit is in Update 11. Whoot.
    Ikr! Yay!

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by Suefred View Post
    The main outfit I've always wanted is the traditional Hobbit longcoat with a vest like the mayor wears here.

    I'd definitely spend some TP for that!

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    I think that it would be nice to be offered the Bounder outfits or the other Hobbit style clothing. I can come up with interesting looks for my characters, but it would be nice to be able to have something that made your Hobbit character actually fit in cosmetically with the rest of his/her race.

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    I also love the dresses on the women of Rohan.

    Also, I'd love to have the "Maiden's Dress" from the skirmish soldier cosmetic vendors, which is also found I think on some NPCs in Celondim. It's a bit like the Tattered Dress but not so much and would, I think, look lovely dyed.

    Gwindeth in Evendim has some fabulous cosmetics - not so much her dress, but I'd love her headpiece and gloves.

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    Sooo pretty!

    I seriously want these gowns. And the hair. I wouldn't mind the hair.

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    I would love to have an outfit like Glathlìrel's one here! (she is a npc in the rift raid)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrittanyM View Post
    Please Turbine, release more hairstyles and better eyebrows for females in the man race (Haha)

    I'm so sad that, throughout the entire 6? years this game has been out, they've introduced no new Woman hairstyles. The ones we can choose from currently are horrible. I love my main (Woman LM) but I almost hate playing her every time I have to see her hair under her hood.

    Turbine! Please please please make more hairstyles! Even if you put them in the store, I would pay to give my LM something nice!

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    Olore Malle
    sorry for the necro, but....

    pretty please SSG?
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    I want my tall characters to stand the same way as the NPCs. I want the distance between the two feet to be bigger.

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    by far these whole outfits have been my favourite since... ever...

    and....... <3


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