hi, I am Catharod (in game)

My sister and I have only relatively recently discovered LOTRO. We love it.

We are from Western Australia.

Due to the difficulty in finding groups for lower level quests, particularly fellowship quests, we formed a new kin, named Black Dog, after the UK folkloric creature (and as a nod to Led Zep, let's be honest)

We want to really explore the game and enjoy the content as well as make our way through to the end. If you are new or returning with characters from 1-30ish, please consider our kinship. We are really into the idea of helping one another out.

We will be supporting players needing gear where possible, and will have a kinship house as soon as that is available.

Most days I am online as one of my alts, Australian time. If you're interested please message Catharod, Ceanadan, Mogroot or Maelgelir (depending who I am playing as). My sister is on less often, but her toon is Berendis.