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    Seeking information on Anthology

    Hello, I am the previous guildmaster of a very old guild called Anthology. After being gone from LoTRO for several years I am looking at returning and was wondering if anyone know who might be the current guildmaster or if there are any current and active members of my old guild still around? Any information on Anthology would be greatly appreciated.


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    A way to find out if any members of a Kin are on-line

    is to open the Social Panel, Fellowing Tab, type the Kin Name in the box on the right side labeled 'Filter', the go to the bottom of the page labeled 'Show Players by' and use the pull-down menu to select 'Kinship'. Note that this will only tell you if a member of the Kinship is on-line and will give you no return if there happens to be no member of that Kin on-line at the time of search (and there is not anyone in a Kin by that name on just now).

    If your character was in the Kin when you last played but now shows to be Kinless, the Kin may have been disbanded. Of course, you might have been dropped for inactivity. Another step you can take is to try to establish a new Kin with the same name - if the Kin has not been disbanded, you will not be able to create a new Kin with that name. Good luck!

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    Thank you for the reply. I tried to do some of those things. I know the kin still has a kinhouse and my friend checked and said he saw several people on his friends list still listed as being in the kin. I went and checked at the guild register and when I tried to make a new kin it said the name was in use but honestly I cannot think of anyone who might be using the kin or would have kept it up. Could someone have an alt as the kinleader and be logging into a different character but not that alt? Would that keep the kin active? or would they need to log into that character that was the kinleader or member to keep the kin from being disbanded? Thank you again!

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    I beleive the only way a kinship can be disbanded is by the leader doing so. A kin that becomes dormant does not just get deactivated, disbanded or whatever...at least to the best of my knowledge.

    Its very possible that in your absence one of the other kin members hit the good old "usurp" button and took over. What would have happened from there is another question...
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