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Thread: Steed Speed

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    Steed Speed

    I really wish that you all would provide an option to get war-steeds before Level 75. You already have it set to where you can only use mounted combat in Rohan, so all this would do is give players an option to increase their traveling speed through the game. The current +20% mount item that you have in the store has always been negligible, but now with the introduction of war-steeds has become completely obsolete in concept.

    Alternately, you could just provide regular steeds in the store that have speeds comparable to the war-steeds. I would pay 2000 TP for it for my character. It wouldn't stop players from developing their war-steeds - they still have to do that anyway to stay up to par for combat in Rohan.

    I have reached my level mostly through skirmishing, and there is a very wide base of players who have done the same, as it's one of the best features I've seen in an MMO. I love questing, too, but the process is so slow that I can only do it in short periods.

    This is made even more noteworthy by all the expansions that have come out. Even for people who don't skirmish, who level only through questing, there is so much content now that it's almost impossible to stay on level everywhere you go. At Level 50, players are pretty much forced to go to Moria to start the LI process. I hadn't even opened the way to Moria by that time, because I chose to alternate questing with other things the game offers. I know that questing is the heart of the game, and I respect that, but at this point, there's little reason not to offer higher speed to low-level players as well. At the pace it's currently at, I'm not sure I'll ever be willing to fully explore all the maps, but I certainly would if this was an offer, and probably on multiple characters, too.

    You already offer so very many ways for people to level quickly. This can shorten their game time far more than what this offering would accomplish. Everyone plays different ways - this is simply an option to accommodate another set of players that you have. I hope you consider it.

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    Steed speed should be trainable

    I wish that the steed speed (and steed health) was associated with the player rather than the individual mount. A trainable feature, perhaps. Once you've acquired a mount of a certain speed, then all your mounts would have that speed. I have roughly 50 mounts and I only ride 2, both of which are +68 speed, and both of which do NOT have stupid flag sticking up behind me. My favorite (cosmetically) mounts are some of the earlier mounts such as the Grey Company's dark horse, but I quit riding them as soon as I got faster mounts or mounts with more health.

    Look around the game, you see pretty much the same thing with everyone.



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