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    Unable to get Vol III, Book 8, Chapter 1

    I started In Langhold and completed all the quests there. I went to Harwick and got my war steed and then completed all the quests in the Wold. Then I completed book 7. When I go to Harwick, I do not have a quest from the guard by Mead Hall. And Nona, Horn and Corudan are not by the war steed trainer. I don't know how to get Book 8 Chapter 1. Any ideas? Any body else who completed Langhold quests and got their war steed before completing Book 7?

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    I wasn't paying atttention but I seem to recall that at Mansig's camp I eventually got a quest to go /Look to the west from the top of the escarpment near Mansig's camp. You have to go to a particular point on the escarpment where you then get the que to /look. Nearby, actually a bit below and standing on the cliff face (there seems to be a road there), was Nona, Horn and Corudan and you talk to them. That eventually will get you sent up to Langhold to start the process of getting the war steeds.

    Even if you already have your war steed, you have to go to the north gate of Langhold where Dala (I think) will be standing at the gate to the ruined town. It was kind of incongruous to see him standing there at the gate to the ruined town. I think that then you should be able to proceed.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thank you for responding Fezzick. I did complete the part where I look on the cliff and then talk to Nona, Horn and Corudan. Apparently that did not prompt the next quest in the chain which was to go talk to Mansig. This was the last Chapter of Book 7 that I was missing and why nothing was appearing in Langhold for me. After going back to talk to Mansig, I was now able to advance onto Book 8. There was finally someone to speak to in Langhold. Wahoo! Thanks for pointing me back to that area :-)



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