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Now that they fixed the "ninja looting" issue (which was never widespread, anyway) what's the problem?

It's pretty selfish to want to make all players pay the price of their privacy so one or two rogue people don't sneak into a kin chest and steal a stack of ore.
People who were known for doing it multiple times on multiple characters shouldn't be given a free pass because some people want to hide behind the safety of anonymity. Maybe this isn't an issue on tiny servers but on larger servers this is an issue.

If a stack of ore is all you have in your kin chest you are doing it wrong. We give away first age symbols in our kin all the time as well as items that sell regularly for 200+g and that's on Brandy which is one of the best economies I've come across (cheaspest) so we would like to know who exactly we are allowing into our circle before we gear them up.

I understand if you can't help people out and just keep everything for yourself and your 12 alts or whatever but people who like to share and help others need to know they aren't going to be stabbed in the back by these anon trolls who take advantage of people at every opportunity.

I don't understand why people are so upset by this.. if you aren't being searched you won't show up on the site. Most people didn't even know the second site existed until this thread posted it. With the number of hits it gets daily you will never be able to prevent this kind of program from being run, there will always be programs like this even if they have to resort to less legit ways to get the information, they will.