Name: John, Nickname - Shag
Characters: Xerethor - RuneKeeper lvl 40, Shagathor - Hunter lvl 40
Age: 23
Account: VIP
Playstyle: Fun, definitely focused on endgame/raiding/instances etc.
Area: West Coast, USA

This is my only MMO, but I have an RK - 75, Hunter - 65, on silverlode, but I have time to kill and decided just to start over on this server. I'm looking for a good sized kin that does alot of endgame stuff such as raids/PvP/instances etc and also helps out the lower level kinmates. I don't like roleplaying, I like to BS and have a good time, but I take my raids/group events seriously. I just wanna level up with a good group of guys and be able to kick some &&& and have fun at the end of the game

A little about my real life - I ride motorcycles, play rugby, love to workout and listen to all kinds of music, I'm a bartender and am currently working my way through school to become an RN. Busy life, but I make time for a little LOTRO

Lookin' forward to hear from someone!

- John