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    Rebuilding Hytbold: Belegnost's Diary

    That Erú Ilúvatar may light these words.

    That the Valar may show their favor upon you that peruse these words.

    I, Belegnost Foecleaver, bid thee greetings, most wise reader. Wise for you have come to study the deeds of men, and to know what transpired in one's ancestors days doth bring much clairvoyance on the path one must thread towards the Gift of Erú. To the noble elf, stout dwarf, good hobbit or any other of the free races that may come, should you find this document, that it's words may also fill you with the will of a better world, as this writer desires, and remind you of a time when those that were free gathered to battle the oncoming waves of darkness, from the land where the shadows oft never rested. We were - we are - brothers in this world of Eä.

    About the one that feathers this parchment, I will speak of now only briefly. I, Belegnost Foecleaver, hail from Gondor, where my ancestors took refuge after fleeing from the lands of the Haradrim. Of the struggles of my ancestors I shall not pen here this day. Suffice to say I took to the lands of the old kingdom of Arnor, in search of how to better serve my ancestors, my land and how to bring glory before the Valar to myself. There I traveled water and land with most steadfast Lily as guide, met many a folk, befriended wise elves and courageous dwarves in Ered Luin and many a good and reputable hobbits in the Shire. The Lone Lands I walked, and I did see upon the majestic city of Annuminas. I have met and befriended the Lossoth of Forochel, and helped as I could the men that would protect the North Downs from their hidden sanctum. I took battle to Angmar, scouted the Trollshaws, explored the Misty Mountains, and brought death to many an enemy in Eregion. I was there when my friend dwarves decided to retake Moria, and when the majestic Golden Wood was revealed to them, and the Dark Wood beyond it, brought into ruin by the Enemy. I sojourneyed through Dunland and Enedwaith, where I learned even the wise may be turned into evil when one forgets the path of Erú, that may Saruman find his undoing soon.

    Of my travels to these lands, of my deeds in them and the honors and titles I have achieved, others have penned better descriptions than I, a mere warrior and guardian of the free people, can hope to accomplish. Suffice to say the path was long, and the road stretched on, until this moment where I write.

    The following pages contain what words I, Belegnost Foecleaver, could muster to register the history of new Hytbold. Ever since I have come to lead these men in rebuilding their city and fight for their land, I oft turned my thoughts to my ancestors, and how they would register the deeds of men in the path to the Gift given by Most High Erú. As well, as I am advised by the astute man, Edgal of Rohan, these such cities all record their histories for the appreciation of the men of the days to come and of the men of these current days. So it is here, so I shall do to not offend these people I respect.

    Despite having spent but a few weeks among these men, I am glad I could be of help. The lands are filled with orc and enemy, and many fell before my blade and trusty horse Hengroen. Men of Wold, led by Harding, were the first I helped, and by whom my loyal steed was given. The vassals and serfs of Athelward, of the Norcrofts, I helped next. Ingbert of Entwash and Fastred of Sutcrofts, too, knew my sword, Hyarril, in their service. For all the help I was able to give to the men of this land, which were struggling under the orders of King Theoden - poisoned against the people by Saruman and his lackey Grima Wyrmtongue, a curse upon them both -, indeed, for all the help I have given my actions took attention to many a folk, desperate and hopeless. Quickly I was contacted by Edgal of Rohan, son of Hytbold, who thought my presence could be of use in these difficult times. Hytbold, a once thriving settlement in the western side of the East Wall, had been destroyed by marauding orcs, it's people scattered to the plains and the mountains. Being my presence unbarred by the local politics, and noticeable enough to many a men of these lands, Edgal devised a plan to bring back the city of his ancestors: in that I would be a natural leader to these men to restore their old home.

    Being no leader of men, my first thought was to respectfully decline, as many worries dwell in my mind. However, I have come to admire the tenacity and blazing fury the Rohirrim possess, and with my self imposed charge being out of reach for the foreseeable future, I have decided to stay for the time being, to once more be the rock upon which the waves of darkness break. The Rohirrim, as I said, are a courageous and strong people, but alas much of the old days has been lost upon them: what little I know of the times before Gondor, of Númenor and even older days, I shall try to impart upon them as well.

    Here are the details of these days in rebuilding Hytbold.

    Day 1:
    Leaving Snowbourne, the seat of Fastred in Sutcrofts, the Rohir Edgal, his loyal friend Renwald, and myself, along with many of the villagers and crofters that the city could not receive, traveled swiftly and quietly during the early hours of the day, when the orcs take flight from the rays of Anor the Fire-Golden, fruit of Laurelin. Upon reaching our destination, we quickly surveyed what little could be saved for our first day, and rebuilt the structures and walls the Mead Hall, which willl serve as our residence for the time being. Edgal, Renwald and myself then took council on how to rebuild the city. A stream flows from the East Wall in the town's southern part, giving us a fresh source of water, but for the moment the supplies we have brought will have to suffice for the days to come.

    As we spoke, the men and women, mostly former inhabitants of Langhold in the Wold, built their meager tents. When we exited the council, we had decided what to rebuild first: we gathered the people and erected the palisade of the east wall, from which the orcs came at when Hytbold fell. While construction took place, the horses that accompanied us were gathered and accounted for, and a stable master was chosen among and by the people, his duty to care for the horses, take them to graze and tend to them, and gather the manure. Immediatelly I gave orders to send scouts to bring word to the other settlements ere the next day's break, to give them rest for this day and night, and Edgal appointed me the fastest riders among the people.

    By the end of the day, a small group of men and women descended from the mountains, and Edgal and Renwald advised me that they were former habitants of Hytbold. A discussion ensued between Edgal and Renwald, of the availability of our resources and if those that had fled their lands, and not died for it, would be honorable to receive shelter and protect it once more. The discussion came to a stall, upon which I gave my veridct: "Many a man I have met that fled their homes, hopeless and with their spirits crushed. Fear dwells in the heart of all men. I cannot fault someone or call them cowards for choosing to live, and I cannot oppose them to try to find their redemption for their flight by returning to their once beloved home. Welcome them". We will fasten our belts tighter for the days to come to be able to accomodate these new people. That Erú may find wisdom in my actions.

    This was the end of the first day.

    Day 2:
    By the break of the second day, I learned that my mercy was rewarded. One of the newcomers was a tamer of birds, and claims he'll be able to train pidgeons to bear any messages we deem. He was given leave to train them as he saw fit, upon which we may establish a mail system.

    We then took the people a-ganging to establish the bounds of Hytbold, and have erected the outside fences and lights that led to the old farms of the city. The crops had been destroyed, but the harm to the land was not permanent, thank the Valar. But, before our eyes could be set to that task, our council decided best to reinforce the eastern gate first.

    While part of the people reinforced the eastern gate, the other group rebuilt a scout's tower in the middle of the city, near the tents of the men of the Wold, in order to watch the fields to the west.

    I must say that the celerity with which these men and women rebuild their lands is astounishing, and I would wager many a dwarf would show respect to their steadfastiness, although we the race of Men are not as sturdy and industrious as they are.

    This was the end of the second day.

    Day 3:
    Eager to place my skills as a metalsmith to use, I was able to convince Edgal and Renwald of the utility of a forge, for the production and repairing of the tools, hauberks, helms and weapons we'll need for the upcoming days. Our supply of wood and woodworks is currently satisfactory, whereas knowledge of metalsmithing and it's supply is not. Given my mastery at such matters, I was able to teach and demonstrate to the only blacksmith and it's few helpers on how to best utilize our current stock. At this moment, the essential tools are being taken care of, and although the craftsmanship could be more refined, they'll serve for the moment.

    Upon the smithy's rebuilding, however, one of the scouts returned and Edgal has warned me of a nearby mine that may serve our current and future needs of ore. I took it upon me to explore the tunnels, and although I have found some opposition in the form of a few easterling scouts, I was able to dispatch them without any scouts fleeing, to the best of my knowledge.

    By the time I returned, the crofters were able to clean the lands of the farms and plow what they could. They say the land is still very serviceable, and can provide us autonomy in edible goods in a few weeks. With that duly noted, I took upon the dove ward to send a message to the Sutcrofts and the Norcrofts to send in what seeds, animals and fertilizer they could to tend to the land. Although they are not able to send soldiers nor fight the orcs that roam the land, I believe such askance will not fall upon deaf ears, as I am not a lord of Rohan and I am not tied to the laws of Theoden King, and these people need food and shelter.

    This was the end of the third day.

    Day 4:
    A few more Rohirrim have joined our growing community, bringing their own supplies! Men of Norcrofts, Sutcrofts and Entwash erected their tents today, and are helping us eagerly as we rebuild and maintain what constructions we currently have. The new hands have been a blessing at the farmlands, and most of it has been done with the heavy plowing. Soon we'll do the second plowing and the sowing. Although tents are temporary houses, the Rohirrim made them more comfortable, and with our current number of men and women, and with a few weapons being already produced, I have given them leave to keep the campfires throught out the nights. Should any orcs come, we'll cut them to pieces, myself at the tip of the Rohirrim spear to bleed them.

    The works continued at the crofts, and many of the new men were given positions to defend the eastern gates and the towers of the eastern gate and the tower of the, we shall call it, Wold district.

    This was the end of the fourth day.

    Day 5:
    Renwald advised me of the nearby woods from which we could explore the resilient oak of Rohan. Considering our necessity for more and more materials, this sound advice was accepted, and an old construction near the river was given to be used as a lumber mill. The tools that the smithy produced in the past few days were allocated there, as was all our supply of timber. I then took upon me to patrol the woods, finding it filled with many wolves, although one of them seemed much bigger and more cunning than the others. Suffice to say that their pelts will supply enough leather for the following days, however.

    The crofters continue to tend to the farmlands. By the end of the day they say they have finished the heavy plowing. We then proceeded to share the hides of the three fields to each of the crofters through the custom of fortune, a land of their own for them to work on, and a land to the Mead Hall to supply to it's inhabitants. After this, I have given them leave to celebrate, as is their custom, and in good time, as many of the old residents of Hytbold that took to living in the mountains returned with game, herbs and fruits provided by Eä in these lands. Ewes' and goats' milk with honey were our drinks, and the people were able to roast a few goats, capons, ducks and herrings.

    This was the end of the fifth day.

    Day 6:
    Thank the Valar! My scout to the Entwash was the first to return with good tidings! Ingbert of Entwash quickly sent me many boons to help establish Hytbold, for all the services I have provided him in the previous weeks. In possession of these resources, the people rejoiced even more along with the spirit of yesterday eve's feast, and the day was spent in laborious reconstruction.

    First and most important, I was able to guarantee the city's food supply and autonomy for the future. Ingbert has sent many seeds of barley, rye, wheat and vetch of good stock, and we'll proceed to plant them with our own seeds, along with what manure we could supply from the sheep and horses we have brought with us. The production looks promising.

    We were also able to finish a few wind mills for the farms, upon which I have given leave for all to abandon their hand mills. The communal oven was also finished, and was superbly built. As per custom, we have instituted the tax of one loaf for the lord for every ten pieces produced to maintain the Mead Hall, whereas we also established a second loaf as tax for the times of war. Despite this unpopular measure, the Rohirrim understand the need of it, for these are times of strife, and we guaranteed thus the payment of the few soldiers we were able to receive in our own ranks.

    A supply of hay was also given to the stables, which can last us a few weeks when winter comes. By then I believe we'll be able to produce our own hay from the fields as well.

    The rest of the day was spent reinforcing the eastern gate and planting the banners of the Rohirrim, and also finally reconstructing the western gate, to establish both the exits of the city, as per custom, as after all the gates are the means through which we leave and join the city, and we have learned of the importance of setting such limits from the Valar. May Oromë make these gates stand strong! I am worried, however, to acquire enough materials to rebuild the palisade.... although it still stands, it has been weakened by the fire, and soon we'll need to work extensively on it. For the moment, the mountains and the paths will be our walls.

    This was the end of the sixth day.

    Day 7:
    We continued to improve the tools of the lumber mill and assure we had enough workers to bring in the wood, for the future need to rebuild the palisade. Work is slow and steady.

    Meanwhile, Edgal has convinced me of the necessity to build a deposit of Rohirric knowledge, a library. Although a people geared towards war, I was impressed by his request, to which he quickly explained it's advantages: that which the lore of their ancestors could be kept, and the knowledge of the battles of yore could be of help to the fights of these days. As well, to them the Rohirrim, it is a place were tales are told and many can come to listen to the wise men and women of their traditions, as well as being a safe place on which the children can learn and be protected. To myself, I took this as an opportunity to also share what knowledge and stories I do have to these men and women, and to store these pages I write in there. With my leave, the library was quickly rebuilt. Not only that, as Edgal talked about one such places of knowledge in Rohan, he expressed a worry for one of them, which I took unto myself to explore and retrieve as many texts I could. A few brigands and bandits took residence upon such hallowed grounds of the deeds of men, and single-handed I was able to scoff them off. When I returned with what I could gather, Edgal was very happy, and proceeded to sort out the books and manuscripts, a task which he seemed to enjoy. What a curious behaviour of these men! Indeed, there is much more than the looks to any book...

    This was the end of the seventh day.

    (To be continued....)
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    Day 8:
    As of the eighth day of the reconstruction of Hytbold, we have reinforced the western gate, and were able to provide shields and arms to the men that are stationed in those positions. Sadly, we do not possess many trained soldiers as of yet, and we can only count on the natural valour that the Rohirrim have. We are in serious need of soldiers, and so I have ensued the order to rebuild the armoury.

    Now that the eastern and the western gates stand strong, and while we are still gathering the required wood to reinforce the palisade, the council has agreed to make for a better living in the interior of the Mead Hall, where many of the Rohirrim dwell when they cannot find shelter with the tents. We have made a great effort to properly organize the materials we have been gathering in the Mead Hall, and many were sent to gather weeds and hay to make for more comfortable bedding, especially for the old, the infirm, the infant and the women. It was amusing to see that the children have found their own ways to entertain themselves too, when they are not helping their parents of course - whilst some take to explore the region under the watchful tutel of an infant ward, and bring fruit and flowers to their families, others stand and listen at the library to the old wise tales of their people, and yet other play as soldiers, a skill that I hope will not be a necessity in their future life, but that may serve them well.

    The crofters continue to tend to the lands now, and meanwhile that happened the men I could muster finished the rebuilding the armoury. From here we'll be able to train, command and supply the warriors of the community, and Edgal, Renwald and myself gathered all able man to give training of arms to them, assisted by all that have such skills that dwell among us. For the moment, the days and nights have been fair to us, with no sight of the enemy, but we must not falter should they return. Whatever weapons and armour we had brought, and that our smithy was able to repair and produce, were stored and shall now be stored there. Edgal, assisted by what people that took to reliving the library, have also brought maps and other useful tomes of war to this place.

    This was the end of the eighth day.

    Day 9:

    Athelward of Norcrofts has answered my scout! Although I do not trust that man fully, I'll gladly accept whatever help is sent. He was willing to share with even more maps and war tomes for the library, old but still serviceable armor, helms and weapons, a quantity of hay, peas and lettuce, and ewes and rams to our flock, along with a trained shepherd. The scout commented that Athelward sent these as a gift for the deeds I've done in his favour and that he would like to discuss with me on the regards of a possible alliance between our cities, a proposition that I fully understood he'd offer considering on how I came to learn he dwells in politics. I have sent the messenger back and agreed to make meeting with him as soon as the city is rebuilt, as perhaps by then the other thanes may be able to support Hytbold and I am not so cowed into Athelward's service that he'll probably request.

    In possession of these new items we have improved both the library and the armoury, and have conducted our first day of martial training to the people. We have found quite a few of them are skilled already, and with a just a little bit more of training we'll be able to have a stationary force of defense. Some were already veterans and soldiers, and those we have put to help us train the others. We have as of now enough weapons to arm two in every five men and women of the community. If more people come in the future, we'll need to gather more smithies to supply for more such tools of war.

    Indeed, as I write this I received reports of more refugees seeking Hytbold. We will welcome them in our Mead Hall for the moment, and to help keep order we have established the macebearer and his men to maintain order. A patrol is now kept at all time around the Mead Hall and the nearby paths for the protection of the people and for the impedment of any crime, doubtful as that may be to occur at this moment.

    This was the end of the ninth day.

    Day 10:
    That the blessings of the Valar may also shower Harding of the Wold! Seeking to correct how he treated me when I first arrived to this land, he has sent to Hytbold a good supply of wood, cattle, capons, hens, tools and hides, along with a few cowherds and dairy maids! Tar and rope were also given, and with the materials we have been ale to collected in these last days I believe it's time to rebuild the palisade in full! As well, many of the people of Langhold have come to join us, bringing their own supplies and expertise!

    Indeed, we took the men at the armoury and have spent the whole day rebuilding the Mead Hall's palisade, as well as reinforcing the tents in any way we could, providing spears and shields for ready protection nearby the habitations. The town feels even more lively and safer as the days pass, with the crofters working the land, lumberjacks scouting our woods and working the timber, ore being taken, men being trained in arms and tools being produced. Our stocks of lumber, ore, weapons and armor increase, and with the foraging and hunting, our food supply will be steady until the first crop. The animals have been steady as well, mostly hens and ewes, and eggs, milk and dairies will help us through the days to come.

    This was the end of the tenth day.

    Day 11:

    Finally, I have received word from Fastred of Sutcrofts! He has sent unto us many food supplies, metal and an expert woodworker with his family! In lieu of that, we have given our lumber mill the best tools we could forge, forging to which I myself took to supervising. The people of the smithy and the people of the library too have made improvements on their own with their sites of work and living, and the smithy is now at full production, as is the library able to accomodate many people and tomes, and has even helped us correct and translate some books and maps that I was able to find in the old ruins.

    With this new found expert we were able to provide a water wheel to the lumber mill! The palisade reconstruction was finished this day as well, and both gates were reinforced even more, and now we have a strong defense!

    Let them wretches come, they'll not find Hytbold to be defenseless!

    This was the end of the eleventh day.

    Day 12:

    The lumber mill is now at full production, fitted with the best tools and with able hands. It was given leave to profit from the water wheel to grind flour, and from all of the products of the stream, the herrings and fish, the hay and the flax.

    As this occured, we have continued to reinforce the Mead Hall to accomodate the newcomers. A mason and his family have joined our group earlier this day, and so offered his services to rework the stone palisades that surround the Mead Hall and the city, to which we have given leave to start his work.

    This was the end of the twelfth day.

    Day 13:

    Edgal has convinced me that the Mead Hall needs to be the most stalwart building in the town for various reasons of their culture, and as a strong defensive point, and I agree. We have then gathered the whole community and spent the whole day rebuilding and equipping this place fully. It has become not only a storage center and habitation, but a place where all may gather in times of peace and war. Verily, the women have prepared large batches of ale, both of rye and barley, and they were given leave to establish the tavern grounds inside the Mead Hall. The rest of the day and the night was then spent in celebration and rest, and it gladdens my heart to see mirth in such wearied faces.

    This was the end of the thirteenth day.

    Day 14:

    After yesterday's eve celebration, we took to rebuilding the city once more. Of the works of the land, of the woods, of the mine and of the experts I shall not dwell further, for they have reached their optimum and now only need to continue production. With their abilities and items, we shall rebuild the city soon enough.

    Even with the palisade up, the gates reinforced and the Mead Hall protected and being reinforced, I believe the defense is still lacking, as we only possess one tower. In that order, I have decided to rebuild the towers, near the Sutcrofts, Norcrofts and Entwash districts, watching the northern farmlands, the eastern fields and the southern fields respectively. The structure was sound and we didn't need much work to make sure they'd not fall, but they still require massive work and supplies to become military points of advantage and warning.

    This was the end of the fourteenth day.

    Day 15:

    Edgal, Renwald and myself have decided to establish the guard along with the macebearer, and we were able to find enough bodies to man the gates at all times without requesting too much of the crofters and of the crafters. Training with the men of the armoury continues.

    Meanwhile, the stone walls surrounding the Mead Hall have been slowly reworked to offer both lightning and protection. I must comend the quickness with which the mason and his family work. In fact, as the days pass, I'm more and more proud of the Rohirrim, and now fully understand why Gondor and Rohan are steadfast allies. When the city is properly rebuilt, I must remember myself to award the most hard working of these families to the first houses.

    This was the end of the fifteenth day.

    Day 16:

    This was a long but productive day of work, and I have decided to institute another rest and feast day to the people in the Mead Hall. This was most important as we have lighted the Hearth of the Mead Hall, which shall burn at all times, and Edgal told me it has a very strong significance to the people. When the Hearth is lighted is then one knows a house can stand on it's own, and be it's own master, and so too it means for the Mead Hall. The feasting was more somber today for these men and women, and with the lighting of the Hearth they reminisced and thought of those they had lost, and paid them homage. That this fire may contain their memories, and that these memories may not fade, as we keep this fire lit.

    This was the end of the sixteenth day.

    Day 17:

    After some debating, we have decided to first fully rebuild and equip the Sutcroft Tower, as it stands watch over the northern farming fields. We have supplied to it the beddings for the guards, their weapons and armors, and especially the bows and the signal flags to warn the city of any attackers that come from that side. As well, we have determined and designed our best archers to man the tower, among them a few who'd claim - perhaps in playful banter and competition - that they could reach any orcs that were beyond the farms from that spot. That Oromë may, indeed, bless their aim!

    This was the end of the seventeenth day.

    Day 18:

    Reconstruction has slowed down as we have been able to rebuild and repair all the quick constructions, and as we now slowly turn to rebuild the greater buildings of the city. Work has started on the former cottages and houses, but it'll take some time and more hands to prepare them. The Mead Hall's exterior protections continue to improve, and the stone walls are more and more defensible.

    This was the end of the eighteenth day.

    Day 19:

    The land has been bountiful despite these difficult days of war, and many brave men of Hytbold have gone out to try and herd what cattle and horses we can from the orcs. In fact, one of our patrols was able to ambush a group of orcs as they were transporting dead sheep, and now we have acquired a good quantity of meat! Most of it has been salted, but given our current supplies and this recent addition, I have given leave that the communal meals are taken in the Mead Hall. Many families have brought their supplies too to the Mead Hall now with that leave given, and all day and night can someone be seen feeding themselves and their families in these halls. This is a strange custom to me, where each family feeds themselves in their own home, but the circunstances and their tradition dictate otherwise here in Rohan. And, although a strange custom, it is not a bad one, for then I can come to know and speak to many of the inhabitants, and they can come to know and speak to me too. Many a friendship I have formed already, and I believe with these communal meals I may continue to impart more of what I know, and also learn more of these extraordinary people.

    This was the end of the nineteenth day.

    Day 20:

    More and more people join us in Hytbold, as they hear of the fertile land and the safety of our walls and warriors. With that in mind, I'll have to direct the rebuilding of the houses soon. Indeed, the tents are all nearly filled as I pen this document now, and the Mead Hall, although it can still accomodate plenty, won't be able to fully contain the city's maximum inhabitants. With that in sight, I was pleased to learn that one of the cottages was rebuilt, and with a few more days' work it'll soon be habitable again.

    War dictates, however, that I must seek the protection first, and so our warriors are given more attention at this moment. The armoury and the Wold tower have supplied beds for where our men and women can rest, and the crofters were able to properly finish their farming houses. The crafters and the common people now take residence in the tents mainly. With all men and women having a place to rest, food to eat, and some protection, I believe rebuilding the Entwash Tower will provide the best vision to our defense.

    This was the end of the twentieth day.

    Day 21:

    The Entwash Tower's reconstruction and fitting goes steadily and shall soon be finished and manned. The stable master, however, has asked of me to improve the horses' condition, and indeed I agree that has been lacking of late, especially when we mean to have a cavalry force in the future. I have issued a call for all able hands, and the entire day was spent rebuilding, equipping and supplying the meager construction that we had established as a stable. We made sure to collect all the manure, groom and feed all the horses, and shoe them with our own produced horse shoes. Thankfully the beasts have been well tended by our stable master and the hayward, and have been taken to grazing as often as possible. All of our scouts have returned now with all the news that were needed, and the dove ward has been very apt in sending messages to our allies, so the horses have grown strong and well rested after they have returned. I have given leave for them to be trained and equipped, for both toil and war.

    This was the end of the twenty first day.

    (To be continued....)

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    Day 22:

    The Entwash tower was finally finished, overlooking the southern plains and the river. More archers, some of which were volunteers, have been given the duty to watch from atop the tower. As reconstruction slowly follows the other parts of the city, we have gathered all of the soldiers and defenders for more training, invoking once more the banner-signs that the towers are to give in case of attack.

    With the Entwash tower completed, the outer defenses are done. They will prove to be solid defense points in case of attack, and excellent points of view. The towers that are near the Wold and the Norcrofts districts belong to the inner defenses, and despite their usefulness, we have decided it best to leave their full reconstruction to another moment. Currently their structure sits soundly, and they'll serve as impromptu defense in case the enemy reaches this far inside the city. For now, my priority returns to the livings of these people.

    This was the end of the twenty-second day.

    Day 23:

    More rohirrim have heard of our works and have joined our cause! Whatever men and women that Cliving, Harwick, Snowbourn and Eaworth could not harbor have slowly but steadly made their way to our position as soon as they have heard of us. Their arms will be welcome to rebuild the city, but we'll need to carefully choose who will be able to settle inside the city grounds, as space will become more and more valuable.

    Thankfully, as I write these words, one of the cottage's structures has been properly rebuilt, near the Wold district. It'll be necessary to consult Edgal and Renwald on who we should first grace such habitation.

    This was the end of the twenty-third day.

    Day 24:

    The Cottage of the Wold was properly refurnished, but we came to a sudden halt as to decide who should receive it. Our initial conversation determined that one of the people's leaders, that is, the stable master, the hayward, the mace bearer or the master crafter were to receive it, but we could not determine which of them was more worthy of praise. I then proposed the custom of "Eru's Will", by which "luck" would determine it, and Edgal and Reward agreed to this being the most sensible option. We wrote the runes of horse, hay, sword and hammer and put them in the same bag, after which they were mixed. We then asked for a child to retrieve the first stone, and lo, for the sword was chosen. In that way did the mace bearer, our chief guard, receive the cottage to harbor his family. May fortune favor him and us always!

    This was the end of the twenty-fourth day.

    Day 25:

    Although the choosing method was deemed best, there was word that some took to melancholy with the choosing. With that said, I encouraged the builders to work extensively on the larger houses, promising them that at least one will belong to the crafters and their families, instituting a mason's guild of both stoneworkers and woodworkers. This has lifted the spirits of many a man, to which they answered with laborious industry.

    And not without fruits, as they just finished the second cottage, that which is near the Norcrofts district. Tomorrow we shall determine to who it'll be given.

    This was the end of the twenty-fifth day.

    Day 26:

    As the day started, the same method was chosen to see who would receive that habitation, and it was Eru's Will that the stable master and his family was to receive it. Not only that, we have established with him that his house will also provide shelter to the young squires and those children that will work with the horses, and such decision brought many a relief to many parents' faces, as they worried of their children sleeping in the tents. Verily, the stable master's house became akin to a children's house, and he has accepted the help of child wards and maidens to help train the youngsters and keep them occupied and safe in these harsh days.

    This was the end of the twenty-sixth day.

    Day 27:

    The stable master approached me early in this day, and spoke of the contacts that he has established throughout the land. He mentioned that through these contacts he came to know that many a horse was without rider, and pleaded me for our city to be a harbor to them, as most of them were on their way. I eagerly gave him my approval, as we intend to build a cavalry soon, since our infantry and archery are well established for the moment. The horses will provide, as well, good breeding with our current ones, and extra power for our works.

    As well, the stable master warned me that he has acquired many a helper and materials to train and outfit the horses according to the regions they came from, be it Norcroft, Sutcroft, Wold and Entwash Vale. He taught me that each horse had it's nature and strength, and each variety of horse would provide more might to Hytbold. What an interesting notion, and very true! One would've thought that all horses of Rohan were equally strong and able, but these people have taken the divisions among them to such specialty level that only a fool would disregard their words when it came to riding and horseback fighting.

    This was the end of the twenty-seventh day.

    Day 28:

    The stable has now been fully rebuilt, stocked, cleaned and provided, and the horses that we have acquired are all well fed, well rested, outfitted and ready to be trained. Most of the horses that were sent our way have arrived, and some of them are already well trained, merely waiting for a proper rider, and all people of town that can bear arms are free to approach the stables to see if they can bond with any of the mighty steeds that we possess. It is interesting, from my point, to see how the horses, depending from which area they come, have different kinds of training. I can notice that the horses of the Sutcrofts and the Norcrofts are tall and muscled beasts, designed for heavy armor and both trampling and charging against the enemy, whereas the Entwash and the Wold horses are smaller and nimble, excellent for patrols, scouting, flanking and raiding. The combination of these two forces in the field is something that I yet need to see, but I'd dread were I the enemy upon which they fall.

    This was the end of the twenty-eighth day.

    Day 29:

    The old house that stands near the tents of the men of the Wold has been finished! At least it's structure, that is. Due to it's location, however, and the fact that the soldiers do not have proper barracks, we have decided that this house would be they center. Most of the day was spent moving what materials were in the Armoury that the soldiers would need for their day to day necessities, and furnishing the house. I reassured the builders that they would still receive a house, and to take heart, and that we only make this decision based on the previous assault that destroyed the city. They have been a patient folk, and I'll reward them as soon as possible, but I still must attend to the safety and feeding of the people.

    This was the end of the twenty-nineth day.

    Day 30:

    The soldiers and their families have now been properly placed inside the barracks, armoury and towers, relieving some of the space and pressure that the tents and the Mead Hall endured in the last month. This brought some manner of easeness to many fathers and mothers, as maidens and soldiers needn't be so close to each other - although it's clear to see some of these young couples will continue to look and court each other even after this supposedly separation. It brings warmth to the heart to see that life continues on in some fashion even in desperate times. It certainly brings hope to this writer.

    But back to the barracks, the squires and the soldiers' children will be part of that household, and it's hall has been supplied for meals when the soldiers, due to their duties, cannot walk to the Mead Hall for the communal meals. It has quite the welcoming atmosphere, and would remind me of the days when I trained in so far yet so close home of Gondor.

    The extended families of many of our original settlers continue to reach our location. The town is almost as lively as Edgal and Renward remember it.

    This was the end of the thirty day.

    (To be continued...)

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    Day 31:

    The town of Hytbold has now reached it's maximum capacity in terms of ocupation, and that is already counting the future houses. Sadly, we were unable to welcome any more refugees, at least not as a public measure, and whatever folks that could harbor their neighbours did so. On the other side, that also means we are at full production and capacity, and the present people are hard-working and resistant.

    The house that stands in the Sutcrofts district has now been properly rebuilt in it's foundations, and I can't help but notice that it has a significant garden in it's front. I believe that will be the best location for the hayward family and his helpers, and to keep the town's production and seeds that the Mead Hall cannot store.

    This was the end of day thirty-one.

    Day 32:

    I have gathered, along with Renwald and Edgal, the builders so that we could discuss the houses. I imparted with them what were all my thoughts in regards of giving that house and it's tower to be a store for the food and seeds. Despite some protests, the leader of the builders understood and agreed to such decision, but has once more asked of me to reassure his folk that one of the houses will belong to their association. In front of all the present, I have stated that they were to receive the fourth house, that which resides near the Entwash District and the lumber mill, to be their home. Satisfied with that, and to reward once more for their patience, I instituted a celebration, to lift the morale of the men and give them rest. The Mead Hall was once more filled with cooked food and plenty of ale, and what soldiers could come from their duties joined in the festivities.

    This was the end of day thirty-two.

    Day 33:

    The Sutcroft's House has now been finished, and it's orchard has received extended work. The hayward and his retinue have been given the keys, and they have sworn to follow the law and make the best of their public functions. He was given rights to a portion of his own production from the orchard, and a portion of the manure produced that was to be given to the Mead Hall's land. He is to make sure that the town of Hytbold will produce goslings, piglets, chicks and calves, and should the town produce more than the quota he will have rights to said creatures. His functions are to last for two years, after which the people are to choose for his continuation or for a new hayward.

    As these events unfolded, the third house, that of the Norcrofts, has also had it's structures finished. As it stays near the stable master's cottage, we believe it best that it'll be the cavalry's barracks. Proper fitting and supplying should begin tomorrow.

    This was the end of day thirty-four.

    Day 34:

    The smith master has suggested to me that the cavalry barracks should possess a proper smith, one of his apprentices, to deal with the quick fixing of horseshoes, armor, weapons and helmets, not only from the cavalry but from the nearby infantry barracks. Heeding to this sound advice, I gave him leave to appoint that which would live in said barracks to offer their services continuously, and he has appointed his most promising student to the charge for one month, after which he would inspect to see if his work was on par with the needs of the soldiers. The barracks itself has shaped up quite nicely, and some of our cavalry stores have been moved there already.

    This was the end of day thirty-four.

    Day 35:

    With the Norcrofts' house completed, and quickly occupied by the smithy's apprentice and many riders, I have finally turned to direct the work of the builders with their proper reward, the Entwash house. At these news, the men rejoiced, and thanked me for such gift, despite me feeling unworthy of such praise.

    Life has not been easy for these folk, and as the days grow longer, I feel a bond to the Rohirrim, and would dread for them to come to pass through any hardship. Luckily, Hytbold has been what safe harbor I could muster it to be, and with the houses nearly finished even the tents and the Mead Hall look more comfortable than crowded. Children play, men and women work and court, and old men and women weave and talk, saying that here we have a chance to stand against the darkness of Mordor, and the enemies of the east and west. I shall take heart also from these words!

    This was the end of day thirty-five.

    Day 36:

    The Entwash House is quickly taking shape, and no surprise since the very owners are building it. Meanwhile, the crofters say the land is up to perfection, and the crafters have produced tools and weapons of high quality. The horses are well trained and with their respective riders, and the soldiers attend to the training sessions with shining arms and honed skills. Our patrols and scouts were able to take on small groups of orcs with no casualties so far, especially through surprise attacks, and we have acquired plenty of loot. Our stocks of building materials are diminishing, but our food and living supplies are more than enough to hold until the first harvesting and, dare I say, even the second harvesting of the year. Indeed, life seems good.

    With the houses nearly finished, I believe it'll soon be time to work properly on the inner defensive towers, the fences and the lightning, and with that in mind I have asked the mason's workers to already start on that as they could.

    This was the end of day thirty-six.

    (To be continued...)

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    Day 37:

    With the Entwash thus finished ere this day's end, all of the city's livings will have been rebuilt. With that, I will rebuild the inner northern tower, near the Wold District. To celebrate this milestone of our deeds, once more I have given leave for the Rohirrim to feast, and morale has improved significantly.

    This was the end of day thirty-seven.

    Day 38:

    Little to report as the Wold tower is being rebuilt. It is being supplied with all the tools of war that are needed, and the flags have been weaved and raised.

    This was the end of day thirty-eight.

    Day 39:

    We have supplied the Wold tower now with both bows and resident defenders, and have started our work on the Norcrofts tower. The Rohirrim make for fine archers too, it seems, although of course the elves would certainly present themselves as superior. Still, the men are well trained, and I gather they'll down many orcs ere they reach the Mead Hall, should they even breach the gates.

    This was the end of day thirty-nine.

    Day 40:

    The Norcrofts Tower has been quickly finished and manned, and now our inner defenses are complete! Hytbold will prove a bastion of defense once more. The crafters, especially the mason and his apprentice, have reached me and expressed their desire to work extensively on the inner fences and lightning, not only for protection but also for convenience, to hold lamps and torches throughout the night. They have been, in fact, already working on them, and wishing to surprise me! Industrious folk! To thee I pledge my protection! By tomorrow they say they'll finish the inner fences. Let it be so.

    This was the end of day fourty.

    Day 41:

    Without having to devote themselves to the heavy reconstruction of houses, with weapons and tools supplied and looked for, the people have been able to enjoy some idle time to do as they please, although many are using such to train for the fights ahead. The crafters, on the other hand, have worked quickly, and have finished the inner fences of the Wold District and the Norcrofts District, providing further safety for the Rohirrim to move at night time and against invaders should they breach the inner gate.

    This was the end of day fourty-one.

    Day 42:

    There is little to report, besides the fact that the crafters are working on the outer fences. In fact, ere this day's end, the Norcrofts' District fences and lightning will be completed, providing sight and safety to the northern side of town.

    This was the end of day fourty-two.

    Day 43:

    As the crafters finished the fences and the lightning of the southern part of town, that of the Entwash District, the outer ring defenses have been completed. But, as I conducted the final inspection of our efforts, a messenger arrived. I gathered at first it was news from Cliving, dreading the possibility that I'd have to submit to the authority of Athelward, but it came not to be such: Harding of the Wold, Reeve of these lands, has determined that a witenagemot, or a witan, a meeting of the lords, was to take place in Hytbold, to determine the future of Eastern Rohan. I quickly dispatched the dove ward to answer him that I'd be honored in housing such meeting.

    As I write these words, I must prepare the town to receive these august men and women. Henceforth, I give leave to Edgal to continue the writings of the town. I can only wonder what the future will hold to these people... but I took my old shield, Heronamath, and placed it atop the Mead Hall's entrance. I want all of the Rohirrim to know that I will fight and protect them. And I can even sense a vision, much like that the Golden Wood's Fair Queen has given to me... that one day, one of the Rohir will hold this old friend shield of mine and protect many lives with it.

    So I hope it comes to pass under Eru's blessings.

    (after this point, the book is not written in the same letter as it was before, clearly the work of Edgal now)

    ============================== =================

    Fin. Hope you enjoyed this little tale. Don't want to give any spoilers, so this is where it ends. I tried my best to give a few insights into what would be a quasi-medieval village, since I'm a Historian-in-making with a focus on Medieval History. I hope I have not bored you all. I'm not a good writer, but I tried my best, and had fun while doing it, especially the first day! Have fun out there!
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